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22.04.2013 14:29 Laws, Initiatives
Tens of thousands of opponents of government plans to legalise gay marriage marched in Paris Sunday two days before a final vote on the bill, which has provoked fierce and sometimes violent protests.
16.04.2013 18:01 Politics
North Korea's military on Tuesday threatened the South with imminent "sledge-hammer" retaliation unless Seoul apologised for anti-Pyongyang protestors burning effigies of its revered leaders.
16.04.2013 10:24 Politics
Thousands of opposition supporters crammed the streets of Caracas on Monday, banging pots, burning trash bags and chanting "fraud" to protest the confirmation of late leader Hugo Chavez's political heir as president-elect.
12.04.2013 15:42 Unrest
Rights activists across the United States held a series of protests on Thursday demanding the closure of Guantanamo Bay as a hunger-strike at the jail entered a third month.
12.04.2013 11:41 Strange News
Activists of the scandalous movement Femen are going to visit Astana prior to the global fair EXPO-2017.
08.04.2013 16:53 Politics
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych pardoned Sunday a close ally of jailed former premier Yulia Tymoshenko as several thousands rallied in Kiev to protest his policies amid rising political tensions.
08.04.2013 12:34 Unrest
Spanish youths demonstrated Sunday in cities across Spain and near the country's embassies abroad against sky-high unemployment and poor working conditions.
29.03.2013 10:56 Politics
An envoy of the Dalai Lama said Wednesday that Tibetans would likely end a wave of self-immolation protests if China reopened dialogue with the exiled spiritual leader to address grievances.
26.03.2013 11:43 Unrest
Hundreds of thousands opposed to French legislation allowing gay marriage staged a massive protest march in Paris Sunday, with police using force to evict hundreds from the Champs-Elysees.
25.03.2013 12:52 Laws, Initiatives
Several hundred people marched in New York on Sunday to support the legalization of gay marriage, two days before the US Supreme Court is due to examine the issue.
18.03.2013 18:27 Military
Japan said Monday it had protested to Paris over a French firm's sale of helicopter landing equipment to China, at a time of heightened territorial tensions between Tokyo and Beijing.
08.03.2013 16:27 People
Ukrainian feminist group Femen are taking their topless protests around the world, having already stripped off in Western Europe.
06.03.2013 14:53 Unrest
Faced with a spike in sexual violence against female protesters, Egyptian women are overcoming stigma and recounting painful testimonies to force silent authorities and a reticent society to confront "sexual terrorism."
25.02.2013 19:06 Politics
Italy on Monday holds a second day of voting in a critical election for the future of the eurozone in which the centre-left Democratic Party is expected to win but fall short of a governing majority.
25.02.2013 14:23 Politics
Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei warned of chaos in the troubled nation if parliamentary polls go ahead in April, as protesters demonstrated in Cairo against Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.
20.02.2013 17:17 Companies
Over 150 employees of Keppel Kazakhstan went on strike in Aktau requesting a salaries raise.
19.02.2013 15:55 Cinema, Music
Iran on Monday protested against the awarding of a Silver Bear to Jafar Panahi for the best screenplay for Parde (Closed Curtain) at the 63rd Berlin film festival.
19.02.2013 11:45 People
A French father denied access to his son came back down to earth Monday after a four-day protest perched on a giant crane that sparked reactions from the prime minister and his justice minister.
18.02.2013 13:43 Unrest
Al-Qaeda's front group in Iraq has claimed a wave of bombings targeting Shiite areas of Baghdad that killed at least 21 people Sunday.
18.02.2013 10:05 Environment
Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Washington Sunday to generate pressure on President Barack Obama to take concrete measures to fight global warming.