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25.12.2013 09:54 People
As winter approaches, the Samis of northern Sweden move thousands of reindeer down from the snow-covered mountains for lowland grazing. They have done so for centuries, but they wonder how much longer they can continue.
14.12.2013 18:15 Politics
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Saturday said that Western countries appear to have lost "their sense of reality" over the pro-EU protests in Ukraine, which he called the work of provocateurs.
12.12.2013 16:51 Crime
The Russian Supreme Court has ordered a review of the guilty verdicts handed to two members of punk band Pussy Riot, three months before the pair are due to be released from prison, it said Thursday.
09.12.2013 11:01 Unrest
Pro-EU Ukrainian protesters on Sunday toppled a statue of the Soviet Union's founder Vladimir Lenin in Kiev after hundreds of thousands massed for a new protest in an increasingly tense standoff with President Viktor Yanukovych's government.
06.12.2013 12:51 Unrest
Thai opposition protesters were preparing Friday to relaunch their campaign to overthrow the government after a temporary truce in the strife-hit capital for the birthday of the country's revered king.
05.12.2013 17:10 Politics
The government of Ukraine does not rule out discussing snap elections with the opposition, a high-ranking official said ahead of a meeting of top European diplomats in Kiev Thursday.
03.12.2013 16:16 Politics
Thousands of Ukrainian protesters massed outside parliament in Kiev on Tuesday as lawmakers were set to debate a vote of no confidence in the government over the scrapping of a deal with the European Union.
30.11.2013 20:11 Unrest
Dozens of protesters were reported wounded in Ukraine's capital early Saturday when police brutally dispersed demonstrators calling for President Viktor Yanukovych's ouster after he failed to salvage an EU deal.
29.11.2013 16:38 Politics
November 25 Kazakh border guards fired shots when trying to detain two boats with eight Russians of Dagestan origin, killing one of them and injuring another.
28.11.2013 17:12 Politics
Jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko called on EU leaders to drop all demands and sign a historic pact with Ukraine without any preconditions at a summit that opens Thursday.
28.11.2013 14:07 Unrest
Underwear swings from washing lines near clusters of tents in the finance ministry grounds in Bangkok as food aromas and the cheerful screech of whistles fill the air. Welcome to street politics -- Thai style.
27.11.2013 14:55 Politics
Russia's president on Tuesday called for European leaders to end their criticism over Ukraine's decision to delay a key EU pact, as thousands rallied in Kiev in a third day of protests.
27.11.2013 13:47 Unrest
Hundreds of demonstrators blocked streets in the Honduras capital Tuesday in support of the leftist presidential candidate, who is claiming victory though authorities say the conservative won.
26.11.2013 17:53 Politics
Jailed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko went on a hunger strike Tuesday in solidarity with thousands of pro-European protesters outraged with the ex-Soviet state's shock decision to scrap a key EU pact.
26.11.2013 10:01 Unrest
Pro-Western Ukrainians on Sunday held the biggest protest rally in Kiev since the 2004 Orange Revolution, urging the government to sign a historic pact with the European Union and clashing with police.
21.11.2013 13:23 Environment
Anger is boiling over near Naples after revelations about toxic mafia dumps blamed for rising cancer rates that have prompted accusations the state is ignoring a vast public health crisis.
19.11.2013 10:50 Unrest
Dozens of men and women protested in miniskirts Sunday against sexual violence in Colombia.
16.11.2013 15:54 Military
Activists opposed to US drone strikes against Al-Qaeda suspects demanded Friday an end to the secrecy surrounding the attacks, saying the bombings have claimed numerous civilian lives.
16.11.2013 15:19 Cinema, Music
Pop legend Madonna has joined a chorus of international stars in urging the release of 30 Greenpeace crewmembers jailed after a protest against energy prospecting in the Arctic.
01.11.2013 13:28 Cinema, Music
Russia dismissed as unacceptable a US decision to blacklist a rock star who counts President Vladimir Putin among his fans, for allegedly working for a transnational criminal group.