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20.02.2014 16:45 Unrest
Ukraine's embattled leader announced a "truce" with the opposition as he prepared for a grilling by visiting EU diplomats Thursday over clashes that killed 26 and left the government facing diplomatic isolation.
19.02.2014 14:26 Unrest
Riot police launched a fresh assault on protesters in central Kiev early Wednesday, escalating a bloody standoff that has already left at least 18 people dead in a dramatic turning point for Ukraine's three-month political crisis.
19.02.2014 12:50 Politics
US Vice President Joe Biden intervened as a political crisis in Ukraine turned deadly Tuesday, calling President Viktor Yanukovych and saying government forces that stormed a protest camp should withdraw.
18.02.2014 18:30 Unrest
More than a thousand protesters gathered in the Tunisian town of Jendouba to condemn the weekend killings of four people by suspected Islamist militants.
18.02.2014 10:32 Politics
Ukraine's pro-EU opposition asked Angela Merkel for sanctions against embattled President Viktor Yanukovych and financial support during talks in Berlin.
17.02.2014 21:16 Unrest
35 people were arrested during 2 days of protests in Almaty city. All of them got fined, except for one man who will spend 10 days in jail.
17.02.2014 19:40 Politics
Thai opposition demonstrators besieged the seat of government Monday in defiance of authorities who have vowed to reclaim the zone this week so Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra can return to work at her headquarters.
17.02.2014 13:30 Politics
Protesters arrested during months of anti-government unrest in Ukraine were granted amnesty on Monday after the opposition agreed to end their occupation of Kiev city hall and other public buildings.
16.02.2014 02:43 Unrest
Initially around 50 people gathered in front of the Republic Palace in Almaty. As time went by the number was nearing 200 people.
15.02.2014 12:54 Politics
A political rally of the Hungarian farright party Jobbik in a former synagogue sparked protests Friday by anti-fascist demonstrators who accused the group of "provocation".
14.02.2014 17:51 People
She dropped her job to join the revolution against a hated regime. Injured, she was treated by a young man who fell in love with her and a month later, the two were married.
14.02.2014 15:41 Unrest
About 2,000 students took the streets of the Venezuelan capital to protest the leftist government Thursday, a day after three people were shot dead and dozens injured.
11.02.2014 04:19 Companies
Around 700 workers constructing Abu Dhabi Plaza in Astana have stopped working and gathered near Arabtec Holding headquarters this afternoon.
10.02.2014 11:05 Unrest
An estimated 70,000 pro-Western Ukrainians thronged the heart of Kiev on Sunday vowing never to give up their drive to oust President Viktor Yanukovych over his alliance with old master Russia.
07.02.2014 16:20 Politics
The United States tried Thursday to defuse a potential row with its European allies after the leak of an embarrassing phone call in which a top US diplomat cursed the EU response to the Ukraine crisis.
03.02.2014 12:40 People
Tens of thousands of people marched in Paris and Lyon on Sunday against new laws easing abortion restrictions and legalising gay marriage, accusing French President Francois Hollande's government of "family phobia".
01.02.2014 17:33 Unrest
The murder trial of deposed Egyptian leader Mohamed Morsi is due to resume in Cairo Saturday, after he insisted at a separate hearing that he was still the legitimate president.
01.02.2014 12:04 Laws, Initiatives
Pro-choice supporters were set to converge on Madrid's streets Saturday to voice their opposition to a government plan to restrict access to abortion.
28.01.2014 14:32 Politics
Ukrainian lawmakers meet on Tuesday to debate ways of ending a deadly two-month crisis after President Viktor Yanukovych gave in to a key opposition demand to abolish draconian anti-protest laws.
27.01.2014 15:03 Unrest
Ukraine threatened to impose a state of emergency on Monday after demonstrators occupied the justice ministry and protests demanding the president's resignation spread despite a power-sharing offer.
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