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29.04.2014 13:05 People
A newborn girl has been found in a garbage bin wrapped in a plastic bag in Astana.
28.04.2014 12:39 Unrest
Taiwan police on Monday used water cannon to dislodge hundreds of overnight sit-in demonstrators, demanding the scrapping of a nearly completed nuclear power plant, one of the most controversial issues to have gripped the island for 30 years.
24.04.2014 19:56 Crime
A guard at a Kabul hospital run by a US charity opened fire on staff Thursday, killing three foreigners including a doctor, in the latest attack targeting international civilians in the Afghan capital.
23.04.2014 17:56 Crime
A woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder after three children were found dead at a house in London, British police said.
22.04.2014 20:39 Crime
The Uralsk Court has extended the arrest of the British national Peter Baruch accused of corruption of minors in Kazakhstan.
22.04.2014 12:37 Crime
A series of raids west of Buenos Aires yielded 250 arrests and unearthed firearms and drugs, police said Monday, the second such operation in as many weeks.
21.04.2014 13:23 Crime
A drunk Russian teenager drove a stolen car into an Easter procession of Orthodox worshippers in Siberia on Sunday, killing two police officers on duty, police said.
20.04.2014 11:39 Crime
US police arrested a man late Friday after he entered the Los Angeles Times building and threatened to start shooting, the newspaper said.
18.04.2014 15:04 Unrest
Vandals left anti-Arab graffiti on a mosque in northern Israel overnight and damaged a door on the building, police said.
18.04.2014 14:40 Unrest
Clashes in Algeria's restive Kabylie region between security forces and youths opposed to Thursday's presidential election wounded around 70 people, local sources said.
18.04.2014 10:52 Finance
Police in Brazil have named 46 people, including an ex-executive at oil giant Petrobras, as suspects in an alleged $4.5 billion money laundering and drug operation, officials said.
16.04.2014 12:22 Crime
Five students were stabbed to death in a rampage at a house party in Calgary, Canadian authorities said Tuesday, with the son of a police officer in custody.
14.04.2014 21:14 Crime
Spain has extradited Keles Mambetov, a Kazakhstani accused of murder in 2004 and put on the international wanted list.
14.04.2014 12:23 Crime
Police in China have seized a huge cache of weapons including 15,000 guns and 120,000 knives from an illegal arms ring and detained 15 suspects, state media reported.
10.04.2014 14:54 Politics
Kyrgyzstan police detained scores of people in the capital Bishkek Thursday as the opposition gathered for a rally to demand reforms.
09.04.2014 22:55 Art, Books
Hong Kong police on Wednesday searched for a valuable painting mistakenly dumped in a landfill after it sold for $3.7 million at auction, reports said.
09.04.2014 17:16 People
A family of four has been found dead in a suburb of Pavlodar.
09.04.2014 11:01 Crime
Italian Kyrgyz drug mule has been caught in Karaganda hallucinating from the heroin leaking in his stomach.
05.04.2014 13:28 Unrest
Thousands of Thai pro-government "Red Shirts" massed Saturday in a show of support for Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, warning that they would resist attempts to oust her through the courts.
04.04.2014 16:41 Emergencies
The swimming cap and goggles of a woman taken by a shark in Australia have been found along with a small amount of human remains, police said.
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