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10.06.2014 12:42 Crime
Police in northwestern Mexico found 12 bullet-riddled bodies in a pickup truck Monday, as well as three men who had been shot dead in a separate case, authorities said.
09.06.2014 10:56 Crime
Two Las Vegas police officers and a civilian were killed in an apparent ambush Sunday that ended with the two gunmen killing themselves.
09.06.2014 00:29 Crime
Guatemala's former police chief Erwin Sperisen on Friday received a life sentence in Switzerland for seven murders committed in the Central American country.
07.06.2014 14:00 Crime
A man armed with guns and explosives was killed and a police officer wounded in a shootout Friday at a courthouse in the US state of Georgia, authorities said.
07.06.2014 13:17 Unrest
A Ukrainian plane was shot down as fighting continued in the east of the country on Friday, amid signs the government was losing control of parts of its border with Russia.
07.06.2014 11:08 Crime
The suspect in the cold-blooded killing of three Canadian policemen was arrested after a 30-hour manhunt and charged Friday with murder and attempted murder.
06.06.2014 14:12 Crime
A city in Canada's easternmost New Brunswick province remained on lockdown Thursday as police hunted for a man believed to have shot dead three officers and wounded two others in a brazen attack.
01.06.2014 12:35 Crime
Chinese police have detained six people for beating to death a woman at a McDonald's restaurant who refused to disclose her phone number, accusing them of being members of a religious cult, state media said.
31.05.2014 10:54 Cinema, Music
A Ukrainian prankster accused of punching Brad Pitt at a Hollywood red carpet remained behind bars Thursday and was given a restraining order not to approach the star, police said.
31.05.2014 10:08 Unrest
Security forces fired warning shots as protesters in Bangui demanded the resignation of the interim government and the removal of foreign troops from Central African Republic on Friday, a military source said.
30.05.2014 14:04 Crime
Malaysian police have arrested at least 13 people -- many of who are related -- over the alleged gang-rape of a 15-year-old girl, reports said.
29.05.2014 20:02 Crime
Japanese police were Thursday probing the death of a man believed to be a Chinese academic who told his wife he was in danger shortly before he disappeared.
29.05.2014 12:32 Crime
A photo of a Montreal policeman having sex in his squad car was widely circulated online, prompting an investigation.
28.05.2014 10:51 Unrest
Four Tunisian police officers were killed in a "terrorist" attack overnight on the home of Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou in the west-central Kasserine region, a ministerial spokesman said.
28.05.2014 10:18 Crime
An Australian man faces up to 20 years in an Indonesian prison after being arrested with a stash of drugs in his possession, police said.
27.05.2014 14:26 Unrest
Police in China's restive Xinjiang seized 1.8 tonnes of bombmaking material and detained five people, authorities said Tuesday, following a string of deadly attacks blamed on militants from the Muslim Uighur homeland.
26.05.2014 14:05 Crime
Murder detectives were Monday investigating the case of a young nurse whose corpse was sent by parcel post across Japan in a box that claimed to contain a doll.
25.05.2014 17:41 Crime
A prominent Tunisian blogger who accused police of fabricating drugs charges against him walked free from court on Friday after a judge threw out the case.
24.05.2014 17:47 Crime
So why didn't she just leave? That's the question being increasingly asked in California after a 25-year-old woman came forward saying she had been kidnapped a decade ago and held against her will, while being repeatedly sexually abused.
24.05.2014 12:23 Sport
Brazil said Friday it is mobilizing 157,000 soldiers and police to ensure security during the World Cup, which opens in 20 days against a backdrop of violent protests and strikes.
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