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15.01.2014 11:44 Cinema, Music
Detectives searching pop singer Justin Bieber's Los Angeles mansion over an egg-throwing attack seized illegal drugs and arrested one of the singer's associates.
13.01.2014 18:05 Unrest
A suspected improvised bomb attack at a university campus in the Philippines, has left 24 people wounded -- many critically -- including students and teachers.
11.01.2014 13:39 Crime
The murder of a soap opera star has brought to light the harsh reality that Venezuelans endure daily: rampant violence and impunity allowing most criminals to get away with murder.
10.01.2014 17:49 Unrest
Vietnamese police said Friday they had launched an investigation into a riot at a multi-billion dollar Samsung factory that left 13 people injured, four critically.
09.01.2014 14:57 Crime
Russia on Thursday launched a counter-terror operation after five bodies riddled with bullets were found in a southern region bordering the Winter Olympics host Sochi, less than a month before the start of the games.
08.01.2014 12:49 Crime
Former New York police officers and firefighters were among 106 people indicted Tuesday over a "massive fraud" worth hundreds of millions of dollars, some in connection with the September 11 attacks.
06.01.2014 21:52 Emergencies
Indian rescuers pulled two more bodies from the rubble of a collapsed apartment block, taking the death toll from the country's latest building accident to 17, an official said Monday.
06.01.2014 12:53 Strange News
A naked Australian man was left red-faced after getting stuck in a washing machine during a game of hide and seek, after police had to grease him up with olive oil to get him out.
06.01.2014 11:22 Unrest
Bangladesh stared into the political abyss Monday after the ruling Awami League romped to victory in a blood-soaked election which was dismissed as a farce by the opposition.
06.01.2014 02:51 Politics
At least 11 people were killed Friday in clashes across Egypt as police dispersed thousands of protesters demanding the reinstatement of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, the health ministry said.
04.01.2014 10:27 Crime
Gunmen stormed a prison in southwestern Mexico on Friday in an attack that left five of the assailants and four inmates dead, officials said.
03.01.2014 12:08 Unrest
Cambodian police opened fire on protesting garment workers on the outskirts of the capital Phnom Penh on Friday, leaving several people wounded.
31.12.2013 15:10 Religion
Islamic police in Indonesia's sharia stronghold seized thousands of firecrackers and cardboard trumpets after the city administration banned New Year's Eve celebrations for the first time, an official said Tuesday.
30.12.2013 14:56 Crime
Eight "attackers" armed with knives and explosives were killed Monday during an assault on a police station in China's Xinjiang, according to authorities who have blamed "terrorists" for a string of deadly incidents in the largely Muslim region.
27.12.2013 12:07 Emergencies
A bus carrying New Year travellers plunged off one of Thailand's highest bridges in the kingdom's northeast, leaving at least 29 people dead, police said Friday.
27.12.2013 11:32 Unrest
Thai police fired tear gas and rubber bullets Thursday as clashes broke out with protesters trying to prevent political parties registering for elections, leaving dozens wounded and forcing officials to flee by helicopter.
26.12.2013 15:05 Crime
Philippine anti-drug police said on Thursday they had arrested three people connected to Mexico's feared Sinoloa drug cartel while they were storing narcotics.
25.12.2013 11:51 Crime
Zhandos Akhmetov, First Deputy Head of the Agency for Fighting Economic and Corruption Crimes (Financial Police) of North Kazakhstan Oblast, has been shot dead.
23.12.2013 16:41 Crime
Dubai police have made a record drug seizure of some 4.6 million Captagon pills, an amphetamine-like stimulant, worth more than $31 million (23 million euros), the local press reported Monday.
22.12.2013 20:28 Emergencies
A man was killed and seven others were injured in China after receiving parcels from a delivery company that had become contaminated with toxic chemicals, it was reported Saturday.