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28.03.2016 13:27 Finance
Brazil's former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is warning that the Petrobras corruption probe is paralyzing the Brazilian economy.
22.10.2013 13:24 Companies
China's CNOOC and CNPC, Anglo-Dutch giant Royal Dutch Shell and France's Total joined Brazilian state operator Petrobras on Monday in winning production rights to the huge "Libra" Atlantic oilfield.
28.09.2013 13:02 Industry, Infrastructure
Brazil's oil giant Petrobras announced a new crude find Friday off the country's northeastern coast.
10.09.2013 14:42 Politics
Brazil President Dilma Rousseff Monday accused the United States of spying on oil giant Petrobras for its own "economic and strategic" reasons -- not for national security.
09.09.2013 12:40 Companies
The US government spied on Brazilian state-run oil giant Petrobras.
20.03.2013 18:06 Companies
Brazil's state-run energy giant Petrobras said Tuesday it aims to triple oil production from its huge deep-water fields by 2017.
29.08.2012 17:02 Science, Technologies
Brazil's state-owned energy giant Petrobras said Tuesday it will deploy the world's first floating oil terminal capable of refueling tankers on the high seas.