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15.04.2015 19:10 Sport
Kazakhstan’s weightlifter Tatyana Kapustina won gold in +69 kg at the IWF World Youth Championship in Peru.
03.04.2015 15:18 Politics
Peru's President Ollanta Humala named a new prime minister, moving to end a crisis sparked by spying allegations leveled at the previous premier.
06.10.2014 09:57 Politics
Some 21 million Peruvians are voting in regional and municipal elections, with many candidates accused of corruption, drug-trafficking ties.
25.08.2014 14:51 Disasters
A major 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Peru Sunday, US experts said.
20.06.2014 12:49 Politics
Latin America's Pacific Alliance trade bloc agreed to allow citizens to live and work in any of the four member countries for a year.
16.05.2014 14:57 Crime
Five aid workers from Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) who were kidnapped in Syria in January have been freed, the medical charity said.
10.05.2014 13:21 Strange News
A Peruvian air force NCO whose parachute malfunctioned during a training exercise survived a 1,500-meter (5,000-feet) fall with nary a broken bone.
30.04.2014 12:39 Crime
Peruvian police on Tuesday burned about 11 tons of drugs confiscated in raids in recent months.
24.04.2014 03:17 Environment
Peruvian authorities announced an investigation Tuesday into the killing of five penguins fund slashed to death at a center for endangered species.
18.04.2014 12:18 Environment
Peruvian authorities began evacuating 4,000 people Thursday from villages near a volcano that has seen significantly increased activity, spewing smoke and ash.
12.04.2014 13:05 Disasters
Residents have fled villages near Peru's Ubinas volcano, which this week began spitting out white hot chunks of rock, some as big as 30 centimeters (one foot) in diameter.
02.04.2014 10:19 Emergencies
A powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake hit Chile's Pacific coast Tuesday, triggering tsunami waves of more than two meters and warnings for people to flee to higher ground.
30.03.2014 17:26 Companies
Italian industrial giant Finmeccanica on Friday said it had won a $1.2 billion (873 million euro) contract for building and operating unmanned metro lines in Lima.
14.03.2014 09:51 Entertainment, Style
He's not even 50, but he's already transformed Peruvian cuisine and his restaurants are ranked among the best in the world.
12.03.2014 16:50 Environment
Scientists have discovered a new species of lizard at a national park in Peru.
12.03.2014 12:00 Entertainment, Style
Peru has increased surveillance at popular archeological sites to counter a new trend of tourists taking nude photos at Machu Picchu.
05.02.2014 16:34 Environment
The bodies of around 400 dolphins washed up on beaches in northern Peru last month, baffling authorities who are so far mystified as to the cause.
28.01.2014 15:50 Politics
Lima cried victory Monday after the UN's top court handed it a wedge of sea under Chilean sovereignty, but Peruvian fishermen nevertheless said they gained nothing from the historic ruling.
15.11.2013 14:11 Environment
A scientific study out Thursday identifies 78 sites worldwide in dire need of environmental protection because they harbor species that could go extinct.
25.10.2013 15:30 Science, Technologies
Two pre-Columbian mummies more than a thousand years old were found in a pre-Incan cemetery in a suburb of Lima.
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