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15.01.2014 13:34 Cinema, Music
Kazakh tragic folk legend opera Kyz-Zhibek will be directed by Franco Dragone in Astana Opera theater.
15.01.2014 13:21 Art, Books
To those who complain that opera is an elitist indulgence served up to snobs in dinner jackets, New York's latest world premiere may come as something of a shock.
19.12.2013 13:10 Cinema, Music
Winners of the international contest in Verona will perform at a concert in Astana Opera theater.
14.12.2013 13:55 Cinema, Music
Repetitive migraines lie at the heart of "Siegfried," the second part of Richard Wagner's "Ring" trilogy of operas, German neurologists suggest.
10.12.2013 17:51 Cinema, Music
Attila opera by Giuseppe Verdi will be performed at Astana Opera house once again on December 16.
09.12.2013 19:11 Art, Books
The Sydney Opera House has come up with a novel new way to raise funds and boost the building's profile by selling "virtual" ownership of the tiles on its tallest sail.
02.12.2013 19:18 Cinema, Music
On December 4, Astana Opera theater will have an evening of choral music.
18.11.2013 02:41 Cinema, Music
Singers of Astana Opera have won prizes at the international contest of opera singers Arena di Verona in Verona, Italy.
11.11.2013 14:00 Cinema, Music
A famous soprano from Kazakhstan Nurzhamal Usenbayeva has been awarded with the prestigious Golden Europea award by the European Union of Arts.
09.11.2013 00:33 Cinema, Music
The soloists of Astana Opera are participating in the international contest in the Verona, Italy.
29.10.2013 15:30 Art, Books
The State Theater of Opera and Ballet - Astana Opera - will cooperate with Opera Europe international opera association and world-famous theaters.
21.10.2013 23:18 Art, Books
World-class artists are performing at the stage tonight. They shared their impression of the new theater and the premiere before the show.
18.10.2013 12:39 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan opera singer Mariya Mudyak will perform in Genoa, Italy.
18.10.2013 10:58 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan's Mariya Mudryak entered the world Top Ten sopranos at the Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
18.10.2013 10:20 Entertainment, Style
Sydney's celebrated Opera House was Thursday declared Australia's best-known icon ahead of its 40th birthday this weekend, in a report that said it was worth Aus$775 million to the economy every year.
17.10.2013 18:15 Cinema, Music
The world premiere of Astana Opera theater will take four nights. The main premiere night is October 21 when Attila opera by Giuseppe Verdi will be performed.
17.10.2013 11:57 Cinema, Music
Holder of the world's best bass singer title Ildar Abdrazakov will perform on the stage of Astana Opera theater this weekend.
17.10.2013 10:56 Cinema, Music
A gala-concert called The Birth of Theater will be held on October 24, 2013 at Astana Opera.
04.10.2013 12:33 Cinema, Music
A singer of Astana Opera Medet Chotabayev has received a job offer from Italy.
03.10.2013 11:21 Cinema, Music
The New York City Opera said Tuesday it would close and file for bankruptcy after 70 years, having failed to secure desperately needed millions through an emergency fund-raising appeal.
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