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20.06.2014 18:45 Cinema, Music
Young Opera singer from Kazakhstan Maria Mudryak will perform Giulietta’s role in ‪The Tales of Hoffmann‬ in Teatro Sociale Como in Italy.
20.06.2014 15:28 Cinema, Music
Astana Opera will sign a memorandum of cooperation with the Real Teatro di San Carlo and Teatro alla Scala.
30.05.2014 13:25 Cinema, Music
On June 4th, the Bolshoi Theatre singer Pavel Chernyhk (baritone) will perform in I Still Recall the Wondrous Moment concert in the Chamber Hall of the Astana Opera.
28.05.2014 12:29 Cinema, Music
The Spartacus ballet accompanied by Aram Khachaturyan’s music will premier in the Astana Opera.
26.05.2014 20:28 Cinema, Music
The lead singer of the Astana Opera Sundet Baigozhin has won the audition at Arena di Verdi.
21.05.2014 12:25 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstani violin player Ordabek Duisen will perform as a concertmaster at the Classical Music Festival in Austrian Graz.
07.05.2014 17:11 Cinema, Music
Teatro alla Scala artists will perform Giacomo Puccini’s Tosca in the Astana Opera.
03.05.2014 00:46 Cinema, Music
The lead singer of the Astana Opera Baurzhan Anderzhanov will sing in six performances of the German Aalto Musik-Theatre in Essen.
30.04.2014 18:18 Cinema, Music
Spanish spirit and Italian elegance in the From Seville to Naples concert will pamper taste buds of music lovers in Astana Opera’s Chamber Hall.
25.04.2014 17:09 Cinema, Music
French choreographer Charles Jude has invited the leading ballerina of the Astana Opera Madina Basbayeva to perform on the stage of the Bordeaux National Opera.
14.04.2014 09:58 Cinema, Music
Masterpieces of vocal and chamber music will take place in Astana Opera on April 17 as a part of the Bel Canto concert series.
11.04.2014 23:22 Cinema, Music
The lead singers of Astana Opera Medet Chotabayev and Sundet Baigozhin have signed contracts with Italian Lirico di Verona to the perform primary roles in Giacomo Puccini’s La Boheme.
06.04.2014 17:34 Cinema, Music
Giacomo Puccini’s Tosca opera is going to be presented at the Astana Opera with the “fourth-tenor” Marcelo Alvarez.
17.03.2014 12:03 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstani singer Maria Mudryak performed the lead role in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro at The Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa.
24.02.2014 11:39 Cinema, Music
The leading soloist of the Astana Opera house Medet Chotabayev has been invited to perform a part in The Tales of Hoffmann opera.
20.02.2014 18:35 Cinema, Music
To the joy of the music lovers, the Operamania opens its show in Almaty on February 23 at the Republic Palace.
03.02.2014 18:39 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan opera singer Maria Mudyak has been included into the list of notable European opera singers.
29.01.2014 13:03 Entertainment, Style
Singing in rich tenor and baritone voices, cowboys doffed their hats and embraced in their underwear in the premiere of an opera adaptation of Oscar-winning film "Brokeback Mountain" in Spain.
26.01.2014 17:41 Education
Kazakhstan’s Astana Opera theater will hold auditions for children willing to be enrolled in its opera and ballet studios.
15.01.2014 14:58 Cinema, Music
The Great Names: J.Hayden, W.A. Mozart concert will take place on January 16 at the Astana Opera.
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