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26.12.2013 11:46 Laws, Initiatives
The United States voiced concern on Tuesday over a draconian anti-homosexuality bill passed by Uganda's parliament.
24.12.2013 14:30 Politics
Just six months after first leaking National Security Agency secrets in a move that triggered a revaluation of US surveillance policies, Edward Snowden is declaring "mission's already accomplished."
24.12.2013 09:56 Politics
The United States -- a key backer of South Sudan's 2011 independence -- is increasing diplomatic pressure amid an intensifying conflict there but will not consider military intervention, experts said.
23.12.2013 10:37 Military
A secret CIA program helped Colombia kill at least two dozen leftist FARC guerrilla leaders, The Washington Post reported Sunday.
20.12.2013 17:11 Unrest
US President Barack Obama warned that South Sudan stands at the "precipice" of renewed civil war, amid spiralling violence including an attack on a UN base that killed three Indian peacekeepers.
13.12.2013 14:52 People
The South African government admitted Thursday it made a "mistake" in choosing a sign language interpreter for Nelson Mandela's memorial who was later exposed as a fake by experts, and who claimed to be schizophrenic.
12.12.2013 14:00 Laws, Initiatives
The US House of Representatives voted Wednesday to punish countries that do not promptly return abducted children, upping pressure in an issue that has soured relations with Japan and other allies.
12.12.2013 09:50 Politics
Republicans were left steaming Tuesday after President Barack Obama shook the hand of Cuban leader Raul Castro, with one senior lawmaker likening the act to appeasement of the Nazis.
06.12.2013 12:21 Politics
America's first black president Barack Obama Thursday mourned Nelson Mandela as a "profoundly good" man who "took history in his hands and bent the arc of the moral universe towards justice."
06.12.2013 10:31 People
Nelson Mandela, the icon of South Africa's anti-apartheid struggle and a colossus of 20th century politics, died late Thursday aged 95, prompting mass mourning and a global celebration of his astonishing life.
04.12.2013 16:41 Politics
The White House warned Congress Tuesday that passing new sanctions on Iran -- even with a delayed launch date -- would give Tehran an excuse to undermine an interim nuclear deal.
04.12.2013 13:33 People
A 69-year-old uncle of President Barack Obama was on Tuesday granted the right to remain in the United States permanently after a federal court ruling, his lawyer revealed.
27.11.2013 12:37 Environment
President Barack Obama will symbolically "pardon" two turkeys Wednesday on the eve of the US Thanksgiving holiday, in what has become an annual White House rite.
25.11.2013 13:13 Politics
For US President Barack Obama, the interim deal to cap Iran's nuclear program is a belated down payment on the transformative foreign policy he always envisioned.
25.11.2013 11:15 Politics
World leaders hailed Sunday a "historic" nuclear deal with Iran as a triumph for diplomacy, but cautioned the hard work was just starting to keep Tehran from building a bomb.
23.11.2013 11:38 Politics
President Barack Obama praised the "leadership" of Morocco's King Mohammed VI on Friday after holding wide-ranging talks with the North African monarch for the first time at the White House.
21.11.2013 11:34 Politics
A pair of Democratic presidents, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton silently honored John F. Kennedy at the former US leader's grave Wednesday, marking the 50th anniversary of his assassination.
21.11.2013 10:02 Politics
The United States has ruled out apologizing to Afghanistan for "mistakes" made during the 12-year war and denied claims in Kabul that such a mea culpa was being drafted.
20.11.2013 19:18 People
The Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln's undying call for a "new birth of freedom" at the bloody turning point of the US Civil War, turned 150 years old Tuesday, even as the union he fought to preserve quarrels bitterly over the role of government.
19.11.2013 11:44 Laws, Initiatives
President Barack Obama delved into his grass-roots organizing past Monday, appealing to his most faithful supporters to help him out of the political maelstrom over the botched rollout of his health care law.
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