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01.06.2013 13:30 Art, Books
Long neglected at home, Edvard Munch is finally to get his due as Norway honours one of its greatest artists with the most comprehensive retrospective ever to mark the 150th anniversary of his birth.
10.04.2013 14:30 Finance
The UN warned Wednesday that austerity measures are hitting children hard, as it published a ranking of kids' well-being in rich countries topped by northern European countries and showing Britain climbing out of the bottom tier.
24.03.2013 11:47 Sport
According to the forecast, Norway’s team will be the leader in the medal count with 38 medals (16 gold, 12 silver and 10 bronze).
12.03.2013 14:08 Sport
Petter Northug of Norway won the race and Kazakhstan's Alexey Poltoranin was 31.7 seconds behind him.
05.01.2013 11:50 Crime
An alleged Pakistani Al-Qaeda operative accused of planning attacks in the United States, Britain and Norway was on Thursday extradited to America.
10.12.2012 11:15 People
The three European Union leaders in Norway to collect the Nobel peace prize moved Sunday to defuse criticism of the 2012 award, vowing the crisis-hit bloc would emerge strong and remain on a course of peace.
25.10.2012 11:19 People
Women are closing the gender gap with men in health and education but struggle to get top jobs and salaries, data from a study of 135 countries showed on Wednesday.
24.08.2012 15:12 Crime
An Oslo court found Anders Behring Breivik guilty of "acts of terror" and sentenced him to 21 years in prison for his killing spree last year that left 77 people dead.
23.08.2012 14:50 Crime
Regardless of whether an Oslo court sentences him to prison or closed psychiatric care, Norwegian gunman is set to spend his days at a specially-adapted high-security prison.
21.08.2012 19:15 Crime
Norway gunman Anders Behring Breivik faces either a long stay behind bars or in a psychiatric ward, with his theoretical chance of release depending on the verdict handed down on Friday.
23.07.2012 18:28 People
Some 50,000 people attended a concert in Oslo to mark the first anniversary of the gun and bomb rampage by Norwegian right-wing extremist Breivik, which claimed 77 lives.
19.07.2012 12:04 People
Ordinarily peaceful Norway, known for tolerance and high living standards, was wrenched out of its serenity that Friday, July 22, 2011, when two deadly attacks from within plunged the nation into horror.
10.07.2012 13:08 Markets
Brent crude fell below $100 in Asia Tuesday, hours after a Norwegian crude supply disruption due to an oil workers' strike was ended by the government.
13.02.2012 13:09 Markets
2011 petrol prices trends in European and CIS countries analyzed by the Center for Economic Research RIA-Analitika.
16.11.2011 11:25 Strange News
A new hotel, a peculiar collection of yurta homes, was built in the south of Norway.
25.07.2011 18:54 Kazakhstan
I have received many condolences via e-mail from friends, colleagues and our partners in Kazakhstan, but as for embassies, we are expecting them tomorrow: Ambassador.
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