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Новости по теме: Moon- По вашему запросу найдено: 21 материалов
15.03.2015 18:31 Science, Technologies
The first complete solar eclipse of the year is going to take place on March 20, 15 hours prior to the astronomical spring in the Northern hemisphere - equinox.
20.07.2014 00:18 Cinema, Music
American actor Morgan Freeman said Friday he became teary-eyed when he watched US astronauts set foot on the Moon for the first time, 45 years ago.
04.07.2014 13:22 Science, Technologies
The man who designed China's Jade Rabbit moon rover hopes a more advanced version of his creation will be sent to Mars, state media reported, underscoring Beijing's increasingly ambitious space programme.
15.04.2014 12:19 Science, Technologies
A total lunar eclipse, the first since December 2011, will take place Tuesday with the Americas best placed to get a glimpse.
13.02.2014 12:25 Science, Technologies
China's troubled Jade Rabbit lunar rover has survived a bitterly cold 14-day lunar night, officials said Thursday, prompting hopes it can be repaired after suffering a malfunction last month.
27.01.2014 15:31 Science, Technologies
Chinese Internet users flooded the country's social media networks on Monday with condolences for the troubled Jade Rabbit moon rover, which experienced a "mechanical control abnormality" over the weekend.
18.12.2013 16:06 Science, Technologies
China's Jade Rabbit rover sent back its first pictures from the moon, as officials on Monday lauded the first lunar soft landing in nearly four decades as a step forward for "mankind as a whole".
14.12.2013 11:46 Science, Technologies
A space module carrying China's first lunar rover is scheduled to land on the moon Saturday evening, state media said, in a huge step for the Asian superpower's ambitious space programme.
30.11.2013 12:00 Science, Technologies
China will launch its first ever moon rover mission on Monday, state media said, as Beijing embarks on the latest stage in its ambitious space programme.
26.11.2013 11:00 Science, Technologies
China will launch its first ever probe to land on the moon early next month, state media said Tuesday, with the lunar rover named "Jade Rabbit" in a nod to Chinese folklore.
05.11.2013 17:01 Science, Technologies
China offered a rare glimpse into its secretive space programme on Tuesday, displaying a model of a lunar rover that will explore the moon's surface in an upcoming mission.
08.09.2013 12:59 Science, Technologies
NASA launched an unmanned spacecraft Friday that aims to study the Moon's atmosphere, the US space agency's third lunar probe in five years.
16.07.2013 14:54 Science, Technologies
A tiny new moon has been spotted circling Neptune -- the 14th known to be orbiting the faraway planet.
27.05.2013 15:56 Science, Technologies
Minerals found in craters on the Moon may be remnants of asteroids that slammed into it and not, as long believed, the satellite's innards exposed by such impacts.
17.04.2013 13:12 Environment
The moon and water temperature affect the diving behaviour of sharks, researchers reported Tuesday, in a discovery that could help prevent fishermen from catching the marine predators inadvertently.
14.12.2012 18:39 Science, Technologies
NASA will smash two tiny probes into the Moon on Monday after they spent months gathering data from orbit miles above the lunar surface.
08.12.2012 12:00 Science, Technologies
Two former top NASA officials unveiled plans Thursday to sell manned flights to the moon by the end of the decade, in an announcement 40 years after the last human set foot there.
27.08.2012 18:50 Science, Technologies
More than 40 years after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, humans continue to push the frontiers of space exploration but missions are being tempered by costs, a trend that concerned the astronaut.
11.08.2012 11:39 Science, Technologies
NASA's experimental moon lander crashed and burst into flames seconds after takeoff Thursday due to a hardware fault, the US space agency said, prompting an investigation but no casualties.
31.07.2012 13:16 Science, Technologies
China will next year attempt to land an exploratory craft on the moon for the first time, state media reported, in the latest project in the country's ambitious space programme.
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