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27.08.2013 14:58 Disasters
Mudslides crashed through several homes in eastern Mexico on Monday, killing at least 13 people after a tropical storm pelted the state of Veracruz with heavy rains.
24.08.2013 17:01 Unrest
Thousands of teachers severely disrupted access to Mexico City's international airport on Friday, forcing some travelers to abandon cars and roll suitcases on foot during a protest against education reform.
23.08.2013 11:48 Crime
Authorities searched a mass grave near Mexico City on Thursday as anxious relatives braced to learn whether the remains were those of 12 young people kidnapped in May.
13.08.2013 11:06 Industry, Infrastructure
Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto proposed sweeping reforms of the country's oil sector Monday that would allow foreign energy firms back into the industry 75 years after being thrown out.
05.08.2013 01:37 Crime
Three years after Mexican drug lord Nazario Moreno was declared dead, doubts abound about his demise, with stories of him indoctrinating recruits every Sunday and hosting a feast last year.
31.07.2013 12:16 People
Mexico's enormous and worsening poverty figures underscore that authorities have not made fighting it a top priority.
24.07.2013 12:11 Unrest
Heavily armed men clashed with federal police in six towns in Mexico's Michoacan state, leaving 22 people dead in the bloodletting.
12.07.2013 12:53 Strange News
A man who was allegedly certified as dead almost three years ago has won a race for mayor in the southern state of Oaxaca.
11.07.2013 17:44 Politics
From its neighbor Mexico down to Argentina, Latin American nations are demanding answers from the United States after a report of vast US spying on close allies and leftist critics alike.
08.07.2013 11:54 Politics
Mexico's ruling party and the conservative opposition each declared victory in a key race for governor on Sunday after regional elections in 14 states that saw acts of violence and accusations of misdeeds.
06.07.2013 20:42 Disasters
Frustrated passengers stood in long lines at Mexico City's airport Friday as US airlines canceled flights for a second day after the Popocatepetl volcano spewed a new column of ash.
05.07.2013 18:58 Disasters
Four US airlines canceled dozens of flights to and from Mexico City's international airport on Thursday after the Popocatepetl volcano blew ash and steam skyward.
01.07.2013 12:09 Disasters
Rain was beginning to fall on Mexico's west coast from Dalila, the fourth named storm of the Pacific hurricane season, which was gaining strength as it approached land.
29.06.2013 13:44 Environment
On a recent rainy Sunday morning in a Mexico City neighborhood, people lined up under their umbrellas with bags of empty milk cartons, plastic bottles and cardboard at their feet.
27.06.2013 14:38 Companies
General Motors announced Wednesday that it will invest $691 million to boost its operations in Mexico, a nation whose low wages and proximity to the United States are increasingly attracting automakers.
12.06.2013 19:17 Entertainment, Style
Ninety-two percent of music festival goers are more likely to bring a smartphone to an event than cash or ID, but many fail to guard against loss or theft.
06.06.2013 15:54 Politics
President Xi Jinping on Wednesday heralded the dawn of a new "golden era" for Latin America during a visit to Mexico and urged the region to hitch its economic development to China's solid growth.
31.05.2013 13:22 Emergencies
Eight fishermen who had gone missing after Hurricane Barbara hit southern Mexico returned to shore Thursday after riding out the storm by eating shrimp on an island, but authorities were still searching for four other sailors.
30.05.2013 11:32 Emergencies
Barbara made landfall as a hurricane in Mexico's southern Pacific coast Wednesday, leaving at least two dead, including a 61-year-old US surfer who drowned in rough seas, authorities.
26.05.2013 17:16 Entertainment, Style
The world's top chefs say it's only a matter of time before Latin America, home to Brazil's black bean stew "feijoada," Peru's refreshing raw fish "ceviche" and Mexico's street tacos, cooks its way into gastronomy's elite.
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