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28.10.2013 10:53 Crime
Unidentified assailants armed with guns and Molotov cocktails attacked power stations in a violence-torn western Mexican state Sunday.
25.10.2013 14:05 Emergencies
A powerful blast rocked a US-owned candy factory in northern Mexico on Thursday, killing one person and injuring more than 40 as rescuers searched for any other victims.
23.10.2013 16:12 Politics
Mexico ordered an investigation into allegations that the US spied on the emails of its president and his predecessor, the latest diplomatic wrangle stemming from America's intelligence-gathering efforts.
22.10.2013 12:52 Politics
The US has become embroiled in a new row over its controversial spying programme as allies France and Mexico condemned revelations Washington tapped millions of phonecalls and hacked into leaders' emails.
22.10.2013 10:34 Disasters
Tropical storm Raymond surged to hurricane force Sunday churning toward Mexico's Pacific coast, which is still recovering from a devastating tropical storm last month.
21.10.2013 11:19 Politics
Mexico has demanded answers from Washington following a report in a German weekly that US agents hacked into former president Felipe Calderon's email account.
18.10.2013 11:20 Cinema, Music
Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron said Wednesday he was surprised by the success of his space thriller "Gravity" and insisted that it was too soon to think about the Oscars.
12.10.2013 10:51 Politics
Mexico leader Enrique Pena Nieto has no plans to meet the Dalai Lama when the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader begins a tour of the country on Friday.
04.10.2013 10:26 Unrest
Protesters clashed with riot police in Mexico City on Wednesday, leaving dozens injured as thousands of people marched to mark the anniversary of the 1968 massacre of students.
02.10.2013 11:17 Cinema, Music
Mexico's box office record was broken for the second time in less than four months thanks to a comedy about a playboy whose life is upended by a baby's arrival.
24.09.2013 10:51 Politics
Mexico's former president Felipe Calderon said that climate action can boost both developed and emerging countries as he led a new commission bringing together government and business leaders.
20.09.2013 16:32 Disasters
Rescuers pulled two bodies Thursday from a mudslide that buried a Mexican village, but dozens remained missing after storms lashed the country and killed almost 100 people nationwide.
19.09.2013 10:40 Disasters
A resurgent hurricane lashed Mexico's northwest coast Wednesday after twin storms killed at least 80 people nationwide and buried a village under a mudslide, leaving dozens more missing.
18.09.2013 13:15 Disasters
Mexican military and commercial flights airlifted hundreds of tourists stranded in the flooded resort of Acapulco Tuesday, where thousands of looters ransacked stores after two deadly storms struck the country.
14.09.2013 17:31 Disasters
Two tropical storms flanked Mexico on the Gulf and Pacific coasts on Friday, producing heavy rains, causing rivers to overflow and threatening to spark landslides.
07.09.2013 14:42 Disasters
Tropical Storm Lorena swirled off Mexico's Pacific coast Friday, dumping heavy rain and prompting authorities to prepare shelters for the evacuation of 30,000 people from the resort of Los Cabos.
06.09.2013 17:38 Unrest
Teachers protesting education reform blocked the main road to Mexico City's international airport on Thursday, forcing travelers to hitch rides in police trucks or walk long distances to their terminals.
05.09.2013 12:35 Laws, Initiatives
The Mexico City council is considering the legalization of cannabis plants and the creation of private marijuana smoking "clubs" as it mulls controversial legislation to liberalize consumption.
02.09.2013 15:31 Unrest
Protestors threw rocks and firebombs at police who responded with tear gas in Mexico City on Sunday during a demonstration against President Enrique Pena Nieto's reform agenda.
31.08.2013 10:12 Markets
Mexico on Friday sent its first shipment of 100 percent blue agave tequila to China, hoping to finally break into what sellers say could soon be their second biggest market.
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