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24.08.2011 12:52 Sport
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister congratulated participants of the international expedition on the successful ascent to K2 (Chogori) 8-thousander.
24.08.2011 12:49 Laws, Initiatives
August 28 - 30 are days off on the occasion of the celebration of the Constitution Day. August 27 is a work day.
23.08.2011 16:53 Kazakhstan
According to the PM, the People’s IPO Program should reach out to as many common people as possible.
22.08.2011 17:40 Industry, Infrastructure
We need to pay more attention to agricultural crops which we normally grow in Kyzylorda and South-Kazakhstan oblasts: Karim Massimov.
22.08.2011 15:05 Markets
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister spoke about the global economy at the Government meeting on August 22.
20.08.2011 00:33 Kazakhstan
Kazakhtelecom National Telephone Operator told in its Twitter account that “blocking the access is not in line with the Company’s policy. There is no benefit for the Company”.
20.08.2011 00:04 Kazakhstan
The sides discussed issues related to the Common Economic Space of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
19.08.2011 14:07 Markets
Most popular local TV-channels in Kazakhstan are Khabar, Kazakhstan, ORT Eurasia and El Arna.
17.08.2011 09:03 Kazakhstan
According to him, if emerging nations don’t get prepared properly, the same thing may happen in 5 years’ time.
15.08.2011 12:53 Art, Books
I have read "The Ascent of Money" by Niall Ferguson. It is worth reading: Massimov.
12.08.2011 14:23 Internet
Over 10 thousand users are following the Twitter of Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov.
01.08.2011 13:07 Sport
Prime-Minister of Kazakhstan took part in the ceremony of awarding the gold medal to Bekzhan Kibitkaliyev who won in 54kg category.
29.07.2011 14:23 Sport
Prime-Minister Karim Massimov visited sports rehabilitation center in Michurino village where Kazakh hockey team Barys is now having its pre-season training camp.
28.07.2011 14:25 Kazakhstan
Considered measures included guaranteed purchase of grain and making agricultural equipment leasing cheaper for end costumers.
27.07.2011 15:39 Education
The meeting covered issues of financial and economic activities of the university, as well as its conversion into an independent organization.
22.07.2011 01:26 Kazakhstan
According to the PM, the recently launched state program to renovate the housing and public utilities infrastructure in 2011-2020 is to bring tangible results in 2012.
22.07.2011 01:03 Kazakhstan
According to him, before the end of 2011 the Government should focus on raising people’s awareness of the Program and run the actual Program early next year.
22.07.2011 00:46 Kazakhstan
According to the PM, 2.5 million are employed in the sector, over 1/3 of the economically active population.
21.07.2011 18:48 Kazakhstan
Massimov told Nazarbayev about the results of Kazakhstan's development in the first 6 months of the year.
19.07.2011 15:01 Finance
The salary of Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov is three times less than that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.
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