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30.07.2013 12:06 Unrest
Attacks mainly targeting Shiite-majority areas of Iraq killed at least 57 people on Monday, and security forces killed 10 militants.
28.07.2013 13:43 Military
The Pentagon has informed the US Congress of a possible sale of $2 billion worth of military equipment to Iraq.
15.07.2013 17:49 Unrest
Violence including an apparently coordinated series of bombings that struck central and southern Iraq on Sunday killed 33 people.
12.07.2013 17:10 Unrest
Militants killed 25 Iraqi security forces members in a wave of attacks on Thursday, and 15 people died in other attacks, including 10 in twin bombings targeting mourners.
02.07.2013 17:06 Unrest
Attacks north of Baghdad left 41 dead on Monday as the UN said more than 2,500 were killed in the past three months, highlighting concerns that Iraq is slipping back into all-out war.
24.06.2013 16:04 Unrest
Three car bombs, including a suicide attack, a mortar round and a shooting killed at least seven people Sunday, most of them in northern Iraq where analysts fear tensions could trigger all-out conflict.
31.05.2013 18:25 Unrest
Attacks in Iraq, the deadliest of which struck Baghdad, killed 32 people on Thursday, pushing the death toll for this month above 600 and sparking fears of all-out sectarian conflict.
31.05.2013 10:51 Entertainment, Style
Iraqi authorities have contracted a Czech firm to carry out a 10-month restoration of the ancient Arch of Ctesiphon as part of a plan to boost tourism to the once-popular site.
28.05.2013 15:45 Unrest
Attacks in the Baghdad area and northern Iraq killed 58 people on Monday, the latest in a wave of violence that has raised fears of a return to sectarian conflict in the country.
20.05.2013 17:28 Unrest
A "war on mosques" -- deadly attacks by militants on Sunni mosques and Shiite places of worship called husseiniyahs -- using weapons ranging from bombs to mortar rounds is raging in Iraq.
25.04.2013 18:56 Politics
Former US president George W. Bush says he remains "comfortable" with the decision to invade Iraq, even as a new spate of bloody violence hit the country and rocked politics in Baghdad.
20.04.2013 17:04 Unrest
Iraqis voted on Saturday in the country's first polls since US troops departed, a key test of the country's stability in the face of a spike in attacks that has claimed more than 100 lives.
13.04.2013 18:30 Politics
Iraqi soldiers and policemen cast their ballots for provincial elections on Saturday, a week ahead of the main vote that comes amid an uptick in violence and a long-running political crisis.
14.03.2013 14:59 Unrest
Ten years after the US-led invasion of Iraq, the searing memory of what became a deeply unpopular war has made Washington policy makers reluctant to use even limited force in Syria or Iran.
13.03.2013 13:54 Religion
After 10 years of attacks on Iraqi Christians, Monsignor Pios Cacha wonders if the ancient community's days are numbered.
18.02.2013 13:43 Unrest
Al-Qaeda's front group in Iraq has claimed a wave of bombings targeting Shiite areas of Baghdad that killed at least 21 people Sunday.
04.02.2013 15:34 Crime
An Iraq war veteran believed to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder has been charged with killing a former Navy SEAL whose exploits in the same conflict were detailed in a best-selling book.
21.01.2013 10:02 Politics
For weeks, Iraqi MPs have been locked in a political crisis that has stalled progress on key decisions including one affecting their own offices in a future parliament complex.
10.01.2013 12:04 Unrest
Iraq will close its border with Jordan on Wednesday due to anti-government protests that have blocked the main highway linking the two countries, a military official said.
25.12.2012 15:13 Markets
Iraq and Jordan agreed on Monday to extend an oil pipeline to the Red Sea city of Aqaba for the export of Iraqi crude, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said after a fleeting visit to Amman.
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