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08.09.2015 13:52 Politics
British Prime Minister David Cameron suffered an embarrassing defeat in parliament over how the referendum he has called on leaving the European Union will be conducted.
07.09.2015 14:33 Companies
Troubled British retail giant Tesco agreed Monday to sell South Korean unit Homeplus to a consortium led by private equity firm MBK Partners for more than £4.0 billion.
05.09.2015 16:04 Cinema, Music
British actress Emily Watson will receive a lifetime achievement award at Spain's San Sebastian film festival.
05.09.2015 12:20 Entertainment, Style
The contract that launched the career of The Beatles will be sold in London later this month and is expected to fetch up to £500,000 (681,000 euros, $760,000).
05.09.2015 10:57 Politics
Britain promised to take in thousands more Syrian refugees and give 100 million pounds in extra aid, as their plight raised pressure on European leaders.
04.09.2015 15:56 Politics
The prime ministers of Britain and Spain called for a "real reform of the eurozone" that makes growth and free trade a priority.
04.09.2015 13:48 Entertainment, Style
Hundreds of people dressed all in white attended an elegant pop-up picnic in London in an event aimed to celebrate public space in cities.
03.09.2015 14:11 People
Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's longest-reigning monarchs, both came to the throne young yet remained a steady presence through eras of dramatic change.
31.08.2015 17:00 Entertainment, Style
London's Notting Hill Carnival kicked off with a riot of colour despite grey skies, in a celebration of Caribbean culture reputed as Europe's biggest street party.
29.08.2015 14:03 Entertainment, Style
Hundreds of pairs of rubber boots left behind by music fans who attended Britain's Glastonbury music festival have been donated to migrants in Calais.
29.08.2015 10:44 Science, Technologies
Russia successfully launched a Proton rocket with a British satellite in the first such launch since an engine failure in May resulted in a Mexican satellite being destroyed.
27.08.2015 14:52 Politics
Monarchist Prime Minister Tony Abbott insisted that efforts to resurrect a push for Australia to become a republic were doomed despite his treasurer's new role as a bipartisan torchbearer for the movement.
25.08.2015 10:56 Entertainment, Style
British-Irish boyband One Direction is to take a break next year, quickly reassuring the group's passionate fanbase that they had no plans to split up.
24.08.2015 10:30 Politics
Britain's foreign secretary reopened his country's embassy in Tehran in a long-awaited step signalling better relations four years after a mob stormed the compound, forcing its closure.
20.08.2015 14:16 Politics
France and Britain are to sign a deal Thursday aimed at alleviating the migrant crisis in Calais, where thousands of people desperate to cross the Channel have gathered in slum-like conditions.
19.08.2015 14:33 Health
E-cigarettes should be prescribed to smokers to help them quit the habit, British public health experts recommended in a study.
14.08.2015 13:16 People
Britain's Prince Charles dreaded the prospect of divorce a year before he wed Princess Diana, suggests a letter he wrote in 1980 that is up for sale in the United States.
13.08.2015 13:02 Health
Listening to music before, after and even during surgery reduces anxiety and the need for painkillers, according to a comprehensive study published.
12.08.2015 15:06 Unrest
London's Underground staff are to hold two further 24-hour strikes later this month, threatening more chaos for commuters already hit by strikers protesting plans for night services.
07.08.2015 12:28 Unrest
Millions of Londoners were forced to walk, cycle or take packed buses to and from work as Underground staff staged their second strike in a month over plans to run trains all night.
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