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05.10.2015 14:41 Military
British finance minister George Osborne is to announce a new cross-party body to reform and speed up planning of major infrastructure projects such as rail links and power stations.
05.10.2015 14:19 Politics
British Prime Minister David Cameron urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to "change direction" in Syria and recognise that its President Bashar al-Assad must be replaced.
03.10.2015 18:13 Unrest
Traffic through the Channel Tunnel connecting Britain and France was suspended after around 100 migrants entered the French side of the tunnel complex, the company operating it said in a statement.
03.10.2015 16:23 Unrest
A protracted strike by hundreds of staff at London's National Gallery over the outsourcing of some services to the private sector ended.
29.09.2015 10:44 Health
Fewer than a quarter of the 15 million people diagnosed with cancer worldwide this year have access to safe and proper surgery.
28.09.2015 12:45 Politics
British Prime Minister David Cameron called for discussions on how to bring about political transition in Syria as he prepares to meet world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly.
26.09.2015 13:49 Entertainment, Style
British actress Emily Watson, who starred in "Angela's Ashes" and "The Book Thief", was honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the San Sebastian film festival in Spain.
25.09.2015 14:34 Politics
Vladimir Putin called pop star Elton John and suggested a meeting, after the British singer was tricked last week by a prankster impersonating the Russian leader.
25.09.2015 14:18 Politics
Football legend, male model and father of four David Beckham went to UN headquarters in New York to call on world leaders to end violence against children.
22.09.2015 15:22 Entertainment, Style
British fashion heavyweight Burberry Prorsum summoned a biker spirit as it presented the Spring/Summer 2016 collection at London Fashion Week.
21.09.2015 12:18 Entertainment, Style
Cocktail dresses tied with karate belts set the tone at London Fashion Week as Georgian designer David Koma produced a sleek catwalk mashup of dance and martial arts.
18.09.2015 16:35 Politics
Scotland's First Minister warned that a united Britain was "on borrowed time" unless Prime Minister David Cameron devolved more powers to Edinburgh.
18.09.2015 11:32 Politics
The Labour Party's new leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing a new dilemma in his rocky first days in the job -- whether or not to kneel before Queen Elizabeth II.
16.09.2015 15:26 Art, Books
Agatha Christie fans have descended on her hometown of Torquay on the English Riviera for the 125th anniversary of the murder master's birth.
14.09.2015 13:27 Unrest
Tens of thousands of people marched through London in protest against Britain's refugee policy, with new Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn attending in his first political engagement only hours after being elected.
14.09.2015 11:44 Politics
Prime Minister David Cameron said that veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn's election to the Labour leadership made the main opposition party a threat to Britain's national security.
11.09.2015 13:30 Military
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought Britain's cooperation to "turn back the tide of militant Islam" as he met Prime Minister David Cameron in London.
10.09.2015 14:11 People
Britain celebrated Queen Elizabeth II becoming the country's longest-reigning monarch, a milestone the 89-year-old herself downplayed as "not one to which I have ever aspired."
09.09.2015 14:56 People
After reigning through the decline of the British empire and some of the worst scandals in royal history, Queen Elizabeth II is set to become Britain's longest-serving monarch.
09.09.2015 11:50 Crime
Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney spent hours in a high security prison island in the Maldives consulting with former president Mohamed Nasheed.
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