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02.11.2015 10:17 People
Flight restrictions over the country home of Prince William and his wife Kate came into effect, with the authorities citing security considerations.
27.10.2015 13:52 Politics
British Prime Minister David Cameron suffered a damaging blow over plans to cut help for low-income working families that drew flak from within his Conservative party.
27.10.2015 13:12 Health
The UN's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) warned that processed meats like sausages and ham cause bowel cancer, and red meat "probably" does too.
26.10.2015 11:51 Cinema, Music
Daniel Craig makes his fourth appearance as James Bond in "Spectre", which premieres, but his time as 007 may be nearing an end if his recent jaded comments are anything to go by.
23.10.2015 14:16 Cinema, Music
Elton John announced his first album in nearly three years, on which the pop legend reunites with longtime backup artists.
22.10.2015 15:25 Politics
Chinese President Xi Jinping promised "no hard landing" for the world's second largest economy despite its slowdown, during a state visit to Britain focused bolstering business and trade ties.
21.10.2015 15:11 Politics
Chinese President Xi Jinping enjoyed a glittering state banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in a visit to Britain focused on business deals and stronger trade ties.
20.10.2015 12:53 Politics
Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Britain for a four-day state visit as the government of Prime Minister David Cameron seeks stronger trade ties with the world's second-largest economy.
19.10.2015 15:04 Politics
British Prime Minister David Cameron will launch a new strategy aimed at countering jihadist ideology and stopping young Britons travelling to Syria.
19.10.2015 11:35 Entertainment, Style
The 59th edition of the London Film Festival concluded with the European premiere of the Danny Boyle-directed biopic "Steve Jobs", starring Michael Fassbender as the iconic co-founder of Apple.
16.10.2015 18:18 Politics
British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would unveil his long-awaited EU renegotiation demands early next month, amid growing impatience from his European partners.
15.10.2015 15:47 Cinema, Music
The true story of the unassuming Brooklyn insurance lawyer who secured the release of a captured American pilot from the Soviet Union marks Steven Spielberg's latest bid for Oscar glory.
14.10.2015 15:07 Entertainment, Style
Chanel's artistic director Karl Lagerfeld reckons founder Coco Chanel would have hated his work as an exhibition dedicated to the luxury fashion brand opened in London.
13.10.2015 15:35 Entertainment, Style
Candles and languid electro-jazz set the scene for a romantic rendezvous at a north London bar, but the couple sitting face-to-face can use only their eyes to beguile.
10.10.2015 14:06 Cinema, Music
British singer P. J. Harvey released her first book of poetry on her 46th birthday -- based on journeys to Afghanistan, Kosovo and the United States.
10.10.2015 13:32 People
John Lennon fans marked what would have been the slain Beatle's 75th birthday with a sing-in of his greatest tunes in New York's Central Park.
10.10.2015 10:04 Politics
British Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel to his country residence to discuss Britain's future in the European Union, amongst other topics.
09.10.2015 15:20 Politics
The UN Security Council will vote on Friday on a draft resolution authorizing European military action against migrant smugglers in the high seas off Libya's coast.
08.10.2015 16:30 Politics
The EU must speed up deportation of economic migrants and "crack down" on abuse of its asylum system, British interior minister Theresa May said as ministers met to discuss Europe's refugee and migrant crisis.
08.10.2015 14:55 Politics
British Prime Minister David Cameron fired the starting pistol in the race to replace him as leader of the Conservatives, outlining his programme in the time he has left.
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