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19.11.2015 13:42 Politics
Britain's government came under pressure to let 16 and 17 year-olds have the vote in a referendum on European Union membership after suffering a defeat in parliament.
19.11.2015 13:14 Finance
New York's financial regulator announced another $150 million fine against British bank Barclays over its "misconduct" in foreign exchange services offered to clients.
19.11.2015 12:39 Politics
European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker insisted that Britain would not leave the EU, as leaders prepare to discuss David Cameron's reform demands at a summit next month.
19.11.2015 12:26 Entertainment, Style
English rock act Florence and the Machines will headline two US summer music festivals, which announced lineups months before expected amid growing competition.
18.11.2015 17:14 People
David Beckham was declared "sexiest man alive" by People magazine, joining an elite club including last year's winner, Chris Hemsworth, and a handful of other above-average men.
17.11.2015 13:40 Military
Britain should "think again" about taking part in air strikes on Islamic Statejihadists in Syria, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said, after attacks in Paris that left at least 129 people dead.
16.11.2015 16:16 Unrest
British security services have foiled around seven terror attacks since June with fighters returning from Syria posing a growing threat.
14.11.2015 16:05 Disasters
British Prime Minister David Cameron said he was "shocked" after at least 18 people were reported killed in multiple attacks in Paris, including one near the Stade de France sports stadium.
13.11.2015 17:42 Politics
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to address a huge rally at London'sWembley Stadium and have lunch with Queen Elizabeth II on Friday, the second day of his visit to Britain.
13.11.2015 17:16 Crime
From a quiet, football loving child to an Islamic State executioner, the man who became one of the most haunting figures of the jihadist movement remains a mystery even after being the high-profile target of a US air strike.
13.11.2015 16:23 Politics
Top EU official Donald Tusk warned it would be "very, very tough" to reach a deal on reforms Prime Minister David Cameron has asked for to help keep Britain in the bloc.
13.11.2015 09:13 Politics
Prime Minister David Cameron said British and Indian companies will announce deals worth a total of £9.0 billion during his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi's visit to Britain.
12.11.2015 15:16 Politics
British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn swore allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II after a debate over whether the left-wing republican would kneel before the monarch.
12.11.2015 14:32 Politics
Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Camilla met war widow Daphne Dunne in Sydney, as they were mobbed by royal fans as they continued their six-day tour of Australia.
10.11.2015 17:02 Politics
Prime Minister David Cameron said he was confident of achieving four key objectives in renegotiating Britain's EU relationship but warned the UK would have to "think again" about membership if they were not met.
09.11.2015 11:30 Politics
Britain will push for higher security at foreign airports in risky areas even if it means extra delays for passengers, foreign minister Philip Hammond said.
06.11.2015 12:53 Unrest
Activists set a police car alight and scuffled with riot police in central London as thousands took part in a "Million Mask March" anti-capitalist demonstration night.
05.11.2015 14:51 Disasters
Britain halted flights to and from Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh airport over concerns a Russian airliner that crashed in the Sinai peninsula may have been brought down by a bomb.
03.11.2015 16:28 Politics
The British government denied it was abandoning plans for a parliamentary vote to join air strikes in Syria as an influential committee of MPs advised against action.
03.11.2015 13:27 Cinema, Music
Adele shattered a record with her long-awaited song "Hello," which became the first track downloaded more than one million times in a week in the United States.
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