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12.03.2014 15:37 Unrest
Students and opponents of the Venezuelan government have called a new rally for Wednesday to mark a month of protests in Caracas, as the death toll from demo-related violence reached 21.
11.03.2014 15:07 Politics
Askar Zhumagaliyev has been appointed Chairman of Kazakhstan's new Communication and Information Agency.
07.03.2014 10:14 People
Amnesty International on Thursday urged governments to stop criminalising people's sex lives and instead protect their right to control their own bodies.
01.03.2014 14:47 Politics
At least 41 people, including foreign reporters, were arrested in Caracas late Friday as security forces battled protesters angry at the policies of Venezuela's leftist government.
25.02.2014 15:00 Politics
Prime Minister Matteo Renzi called for a "radical and immediate change" in recession-hit Italy as he outlined his new government's reform agenda before winning a crucial confidence vote in the Senate.
17.02.2014 19:40 Politics
Thai opposition demonstrators besieged the seat of government Monday in defiance of authorities who have vowed to reclaim the zone this week so Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra can return to work at her headquarters.
17.02.2014 12:36 Finance
Deputy Chairman of the JSC GNPF Accumulative Pension Fund Ruslan Erdenayev guaranteed the safety of the pension savings.
15.02.2014 16:18 Finance
In view of the devaluation of the national currency - the tenge, the central bank of Kazakhstan believes that escalation of inflation is quite possible.
14.02.2014 15:53 Politics
Either you will do it or there will be another Government to accomplish the task: President Nazarbayev.
11.02.2014 13:34 Politics
China and Taiwan will hold their first government-to-government talks Tuesday since they split 65 years ago after a brutal civil war -- a symbolic yet historic move between the former bitter rivals.
30.01.2014 15:18 Politics
The Philippines insisted Thursday it would not apologise for a 2010 hostage crisis in which Hong Kong tourists died, saying its response to the tragedy had been generous and compassionate.
29.01.2014 13:24 Politics
Tunisia's parliament on Wednesday approved a technocratic caretaker government tasked with leading the country out of a bruising political crisis and to fresh elections.
28.01.2014 17:26 Politics
Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov resigned in a bid to ease Ukraine's deadly two-month crisis as lawmakers began an extraordinary session aimed at adopting crucial reforms.
27.01.2014 18:06 Unrest
Syrian rebels and government troops clashed Sunday in restive districts of Damascus, a monitoring group said, as representatives of the warring sides met for peace talks in Geneva.
24.01.2014 10:32 Industry, Infrastructure
France's government has launched a 1.7-billion-euro ($2.3 billion) project to link Paris to its main international airport, Charles de Gaulle, with an express train that will go into operation in a decade's time.
22.01.2014 14:52 Politics
The future role of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a "red line" for the government delegation in peace talks, the foreign minister said Tuesday on the eve of their opening.
21.01.2014 17:39 Politics
Guinea's President Alpha Conde late Monday issued a decree forming a new government keeping in place his prime minister and over half the cabinet members, but excluding any opposition figures.
18.01.2014 14:04 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry praised the Greek government Friday for making "tough choices" to resolve the country's economic crisis and said he believed the situation was improving.
16.01.2014 17:31 Companies
The French state has raised 451 million euros ($614 million) by selling a one percent stake in European aircaft and defence corporation Airbus Group, the economy minister said Thursday.
16.01.2014 14:17 People
The furious wife of the Indian government's top-tweeting minister admitted Thursday she had hacked his account to send out messages exposing an alleged affair he was having with a Pakistani journalist.
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