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16.12.2014 11:35 Politics
Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta's revamped government sailed through a vote of confidence in parliament.
11.12.2014 18:53 Markets
Kazakh government is lowering gasoline prices. But for how long? And does it address the fuel deficit in the country?
29.11.2014 13:35 Health
Many people in Kazakhstan are relying on self-treatment and purchase antibiotics in next door pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. The Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan is proposing to restrict the sale of antibiotics in Kazakhstan.
18.11.2014 19:28 Politics
PM Karim Massimov has gathered a swift government meeting to give specific instructions to state bodies on the implementation of tasks outlined in Nazarbayev's State of the Nation Address of November 11.
18.11.2014 19:15 Politics
Ex-Deputy Prime Minister Gulshara Abdykalikova is the newly appointed Secretary of State of Kazakhstan.
18.11.2014 19:00 Politics
Berdybek Saparbayev has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.
18.11.2014 18:54 Politics
Danial Akhmetov has been appointed Governor of East Kazakhstan Oblast.
17.11.2014 11:35 Politics
Residents of Japan's Okinawa Sunday elected a governor who opposes plans to relocate a US military base within the island chain, a fresh setback in efforts to resolve a thorny issue in military relations.
13.11.2014 11:54 Unrest
Protesters fuming over the disappearance of 43 college students set a government office alight in southern Mexico.
08.11.2014 18:01 Finance
Kazakhstan's debt on government securities has grown by $2.5 billion in just one day.
07.11.2014 14:14 Laws, Initiatives
A local governor gave the green light to restarting an atomic power station.
01.11.2014 14:48 Crime
Italian President told a trial in which state officials are accused of making a secret deal with the Mafia that mobsters carried out bombings in the 1990s.
31.10.2014 13:55 Finance
Latest data provided by Kazakhstan Stock Exchange suggests that the government debt in Kazakhstan now exceeds its pre-devaluation level.
31.10.2014 12:41 Finance
The Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan Yerbolat Dosayev spoke about the changes to the national budget due to reduced economic growth and negative external factors.
30.10.2014 12:49 Politics
A senior Hong Kong lawmaker was expelled from a prestigious Chinese government body.
29.10.2014 16:51 Politics
Iran's government was forced to deny it had already struck a nuclear deal with the West, after a lawmaker accused its negotiators of secretly selling the country short.
29.10.2014 14:10 Markets
According to him, the share of government-owned enterprises stands at around 40%.
27.10.2014 17:44 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan is planning to reform its heating sector to raise efficiency and lower the pressure on the state budget.
24.10.2014 15:43 Politics
The governor of the Mexican state,where 43 students vanished a month ago, has bowed to pressure to stand down.
23.10.2014 15:54 Politics
High-profile transfer of Imangali Tasmagambetov from his job as Mayor of Astana to the Defense Ministry has made people wonder. Experts have shared their opinions with respect to geopolitical changes around Kazakhstan, internal dynamics within the Kazakh elite and personalities of the newly appointed officials.
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