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21.03.2012 15:06 Politics
Kazakhstan government has approved all the high priority programs for 2012.
20.03.2012 11:46 Laws, Initiatives
Bottom prices of filter cigarettes have been raised from 60-70 tenge to 90-100 tenge ($0.61-0.68) for a pack.
02.03.2012 14:26 Politics
Kazakhstan has improved its positions in the UN e-Government Survey: Karim Massimov.
01.03.2012 18:37 Markets
Kazakhstan affordable housing will cost from 70 to 90 thousand tenge ($470-610) per one square meter.
01.03.2012 12:13 Politics
Karim Massimov signed a joint statement of Kazakhstan government and the National Bank on the economic policy in 2012.
28.02.2012 12:42 Laws, Initiatives
The program will be launched in 2013, 6 directions have been developed for implementation.
28.02.2012 12:30 Finance
In a statement January 27, 2012 President Nazarbayev instructed Head of Samruk-Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund, “to optimize the headcount of ministries, regional governors’ offices”.
17.02.2012 11:22 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan Vice-Minister of Industry and New Technologies Bakhytzhan Dzhaksaliyev presented amendments in the Majilis.
30.01.2012 15:02 Politics
The presidential press service reported on new appointments.
23.01.2012 19:13 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan’s electronic government has issued over 10 million certificates since its launch.
22.01.2012 16:36 Politics
Kazakhstan reshuffles its government and governors, eliminates one ministry and transforms two other agencies.
20.01.2012 10:30 Politics
The majilismen are expected to form the governing bodies of the chamber and take a motion of no/confidence in the current Government.
14.01.2012 14:14 Politics
Kazakhstan President’s son-in-law Timur Kulibayev has good chances to run for presidency in future: President's adviser.
03.01.2012 19:03 Finance
Pensions have been increased by 9% starting from January 2012 in Kazakhstan.
02.01.2012 15:18 Markets
Fuel prices will not change in January 2012.
27.12.2011 04:42 Politics
At the same sitting, the President urged public bodies and national companies to introduce stricter cost-cutting measures, renouncing lavish events, conferences and presentations.
18.11.2011 13:15 Politics
Kazakhstan Government will resign right after the early Majilis elections of January 15, 2012.
11.11.2011 13:02 Markets
One third of the population in Kazakhstan has never heard of the law on “Religious activities and religious groups,” recently signed by the head of the state.
20.10.2011 18:02 Politics
U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kenneth J. Fairfax gave a speech during celebration of the 50th anniversary of USAID.
14.10.2011 18:26 Politics
Karim Massimov warned MPs that deterioration of the situation in the world economy is inevitable and Parliament will be required to act courageously and decisively.