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24.04.2013 16:34 Politics
Morocco's main Islamist opposition group said the country is run by a shadow government and warned dire social and economic conditions could cause an "explosion" among disaffected youths.
20.04.2013 10:00 Industry, Infrastructure
India's main political parties have struck a "broad consensus" on a contentious land acquisition bill to better reward landowners whose property is bought for industrial development.
19.04.2013 12:39 Environment
The Indonesian government has said it aims to approve within a month a plan that would free up vast swathes of protected virgin rainforest on Sumatra island for commercial exploitation.
18.04.2013 14:57 Laws, Initiatives
Spain's centre-right government has vowed to "promptly" tighten the nation's abortion laws, angering the opposition Socialist Party which had eased access to the procedure.
15.04.2013 19:15 Politics
French ministers will for the first time on Monday disclose their assets, in a move President Francois Hollande's Socialist government hopes will restore public confidence after a tax fraud scandal.
11.04.2013 18:12 Politics
Not so long ago, Croatia was ebullient at the prospect of becoming the EU's newest member in July this year.
10.04.2013 10:02 Politics
France's Socialist government said Monday it had ordered ministers to declare their assets publicly within days, as it seeks to limit the damage from a tax fraud scandal involving an ex-minister.
08.04.2013 12:34 Unrest
Spanish youths demonstrated Sunday in cities across Spain and near the country's embassies abroad against sky-high unemployment and poor working conditions.
06.04.2013 16:26 Politics
Tamam Salam of the Western-backed opposition is to be named Lebanon's prime minister Saturday, two weeks after Najib Mikati resigned and effectively brought down his Hezbollah-dominated government.
03.04.2013 17:21 Politics
The United States has "real concerns" about the direction being taken by the Egyptian government following recent arrests and political violence.
02.04.2013 13:23 Politics
The Central African Republic's new post-coup government was due to hold its first meeting as soon as Tuesday, its spokesman said, as anger rose in South Africa over its military mission in the restive country.
30.03.2013 14:46 Politics
Italy remained in political limbo on Friday after talks to break a deadlock created by inconclusive polls ended with no solution in sight.
29.03.2013 13:42 Politics
Italy was left struggling to form a government after leftist leader Pier Luigi Bersani on Thursday lost his bid to end an impasse created by elections with no clear winner in the eurozone's third-largest economy.
27.03.2013 17:42 Politics
British lawmaker David Miliband, who lost the 2010 battle for the leadership of the opposition Labour party to his younger brother Ed, is to stand down as an MP.
20.03.2013 15:38 Laws, Initiatives
The British government has insisted that bloggers and posts on social media would not be caught by a new system of press regulation, but campaigners warned the new rules could be open to interpretation.
15.03.2013 18:05 Politics
Governments and agencies must be wary of drowning Myanmar with well-intentioned but ill-targeted aid, experts warned Thursday, admonishing the global community to "first do no harm."
14.03.2013 18:08 Laws, Initiatives
India's government is drawing up a major new welfare reform which would hand small plots of land to millions of homeless poor in the countryside.
14.03.2013 16:05 Politics
The first Aboriginal to head a government in Australia took office on Thursday as chief minister of the Northern Territory, after staging a backroom coup.
13.03.2013 18:16 Finance
President Barack Obama warned Tuesday America will not balance its budget within a decade because Republican plans to do so would entail slashing social programs many citizens rely on for support.
13.03.2013 14:13 Politics
A memorandum of experience exchange in local self-government has been signed between Poland and Kazakhstan.