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05.06.2013 18:27 Politics
Caught off-guard by the massive protests erupting in Turkey, the country's Western partners have roundly condemned the use of excessive violence.
05.06.2013 12:11 Unrest
Fresh violence erupted early Wednesday as protesters defied a government plea to end days of deadly unrest, the biggest challenge yet to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's decade-long rule.
04.06.2013 16:06 Companies
A US government lawyer accused Apple Monday of concocting a deliberate scheme to fix prices of electronic books as the antitrust trial against the tech giant got underway.
04.06.2013 11:53 Unrest
Turkish police and anti-government protesters clashed again in Istanbul early Tuesday, as the reported death toll from nationwide protests rose to two.
03.06.2013 12:12 Politics
Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas on Sunday named Rami Hamdallah to form a new government, and the university chief said he accepted the task.
03.06.2013 11:10 Unrest
Turkey's Islamist-rooted government faced growing pressure on Monday after angry demonstrators clashed for a third night with police in a nationwide wave of protests.
25.05.2013 11:49 Finance
The first day of US government furloughs imposed by a budget crunch saw more than 100,000 federal workers ordered to stay home Friday.
14.05.2013 13:26 Laws, Initiatives
Britain's Conservative Party will on Tuesday propose laws to force an in-out referendum on the country's membership of the European Union to be held by the end of 2017.
13.05.2013 15:10 Politics
The European Union's poorest country Bulgaria faced fresh political uncertainty Monday after inconclusive elections held three months after the biggest demonstrations in years forced the government to resign.
13.05.2013 12:49 Military
Silvio Berlusconi affirmed over the weekend his centre-right movement's loyalty to the grand coalition government of Prime Minister Enrico Letta at a rally in a northern city which attracted noisy support and dissent.
13.05.2013 11:27 Politics
The Philippines held elections Monday seen as crucial for President Benigno Aquino's bold reform agenda, as deadly violence and graft-tainted candidates underlined the nation's deep-rooted problems.
13.05.2013 10:15 Politics
Pakistan's incoming prime minister Nawaz Sharif looks set to be a pragmatic ally of Washington, unlikely to end the war against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban as he seeks to focus on fixing the economy.
08.05.2013 16:51 Politics
The British government will set out its legislative programme for the coming year on Wednesday, with immigration top of the agenda in a Queen's Speech aimed at people who "work hard and want to get on".
08.05.2013 14:23 Internet
Lawyers for Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom accused the US government Wednesday of launching a flawed prosecution against their client with "frightening" implications for all Internet users.
04.05.2013 11:41 People
South Africa's government announced the suspension of a slew of officials and military personnel Friday, as it tried to limit the political and diplomatic fallout from a lavish Indian wedding.
30.04.2013 10:26 Politics
Italy's new Prime Minister Enrico Letta was set to unveil his coalition government's programme on Monday, under the watchful gaze of international markets and European partners.
29.04.2013 17:20 Politics
Italy's new coalition government was sworn in on Sunday, but a ceremony symbolising a fresh start for the recession-wracked country was overshadowed by a shooting outside government headquarters.
28.04.2013 17:46 Religion
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby accepted in an interview aired Saturday that he had probably ruffled the British government's feathers with his comments on the bleak state of the economy.
26.04.2013 16:34 Politics
Spain's government, seeking to cut its deficit amidst a double-dip recession, is to unveil new measures Friday aimed at reviving the economy, a day after registering record unemployment.
25.04.2013 18:27 Politics
An Italian leftist politician, Enrico Letta, was nominated to be the new prime minister on Wednesday, bringing to an end a bitter two-month deadlock on forming a new government.