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30.11.2013 23:58 Education
Bolashak scholarship gave an opportunity to children of unemployed and retired Kazakhstan nationals to study abroad.
29.11.2013 13:46 Politics
Gulshara Abdykalikova has been appointed Deputy Prime-Minister of Kazakhstan.
17.11.2013 12:08 Industry, Infrastructure
The production capacity of raw cotton has increased in South Kazakhstan Oblast.
03.11.2013 00:44 Politics
Just six people managed enrol in Obamacare on day one of the health plan's troubled rollout, documents released by Republican lawmakers showed, in a new embarrassment for the White House.
01.11.2013 16:29 Laws, Initiatives
Kenya's media reacted with shock and outrage Friday after parliament voted through a bill that could see journalists and outlets slapped with huge fines for violating a code of conduct.
31.10.2013 19:59 Politics
The Ministry of Environment Protection of Kazakhstan has been renamed and got new functions.
31.10.2013 13:37 Education
The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan is planning to privatize state-owned universities.
28.10.2013 15:04 Politics
The 2014 Global Forum on Electronic Government will be held Kazakhstan
25.10.2013 10:46 Finance
Brazilian state prosecutors are seeking to recover almost $100m from football's global governing body FIFA which was spent on temporary structures at venues for next year's World Cup.
25.10.2013 10:01 Politics
The Russian government has dismissed the head of the consumer protection agency, a notorious official best known for waging apparent trade wars against the country's neighbours.
17.10.2013 10:24 Politics
The United States was spared the ignominy of a disastrous debt default Wednesday when Congress passed a bill extending the nation's borrowing authority and ending a two-week government shutdown.
16.10.2013 10:43 Politics
A day of political disarray Tuesday pushed America to within hours of a debt default deadline, but two veteran senators chased a last-gasp deal to stave off a sudden shock to the global economy.
11.10.2013 17:29 Politics
Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has accused a "political party" of organising his brief abduction by armed gunmen on Thursday, the latest example of the lawlessness prevailing since Moamer Kadhafi's overthrow.
11.10.2013 11:22 Politics
US federal courts will have to close their doors at the end of next week if no deal is reached to end the government shutdown.
10.10.2013 18:52 Markets
Failure to raise the US borrowing ceiling due to political deadlock could force most of the leading industrial democracies into recession.
09.10.2013 16:27 Politics
Britain's advertising watchdog said Wednesday that government posters urging illegal immigrants to "go home or face arrest" were not offensive despite hundreds of complaints.
08.10.2013 13:36 Politics
The "unthinkable" threat of a US default weighed on Washington Monday, as a standoff over raising the government debt ceiling drowned out angst over a week-long government shutdown.
07.10.2013 15:41 Politics
Sakina Gurbanova says her son is facing 12 years in prison for daring to challenge Azerbaijan's government ahead of upcoming presidential elections in the tightly controlled ex-Soviet state.
05.10.2013 15:00 Markets
The second round of scheduled talks between top European Union and American officials to clinch the world's largest trade deal have been cancelled because of the US government shutdown.
05.10.2013 10:43 Markets
Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso on Friday urged the United States to resolve political gridlock in Washington, warning of grim "consequences" for the global economy if it leads to a debt default.