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04.02.2013 17:59 Politics
Ailing Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro made a surprise appearance in Havana Sunday to vote in parliamentary polls, expressing confidence in the revolution despite a decades-long US trade embargo.
03.02.2013 12:10 Laws, Initiatives
A senior Cuban official lashed out at President Barack Obama on Friday for linking improved human rights in the country to better diplomatic ties, and suggesting the communist island had outdated policies.
15.01.2013 10:53 Laws, Initiatives
A law allowing Cubans to travel abroad without special permits took effect on the communist-ruled island Monday for the first time in half a century.
13.01.2013 13:15 Politics
Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro was in the Cuban capital Saturday, saying he wanted to visit ailing President Hugo Chavez whose month-long absence following cancer surgery has rattled his nation.
12.12.2012 19:13 Politics
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was recovering after a successful cancer operation at a Cuban hospital, his vice president said Tuesday.
11.12.2012 15:01 Politics
Hugo Chavez was set to leave for Cuba early Monday to undergo new cancer surgery that the Venezuelan leftist president admitted was urgently needed to fight the deadly disease.
04.11.2012 10:36 Politics
Cuba accused the United States Friday of helping its opponents access the Internet as part of a drive to undermine the Havana government.
26.10.2012 20:42 Disasters
Hurricane Sandy was expected to strengthen as it careened towards Cuba early Thursday after battering Jamaica, where it downed power lines and forced more than a thousand people to seek emergency shelter.
23.10.2012 14:39 Politics
Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has reappeared in public, meeting at a Havana hotel with a Venezuelan politician -- quashing swirling rumors that the former leader was on his death bed.
18.10.2012 15:44 Politics
The first public statement in almost four months from Fidel Castro appeared in Cuba's state media on Wednesday, as rumors persist about the 86-year-old revolutionary icon's health.
17.10.2012 19:12 Politics
Cubans will no longer need an exit permit to travel abroad from January, the communist regime said on Tuesday, in a major overhaul of a half-century-old policy despised by the island's citizens.
15.10.2012 18:13 Crime
Cuban authorities have arrested at least 22 members of Cuba's dissident Ladies in White as they planned to mark one year since the death of their former leader.
12.10.2012 16:19 Politics
Cuba has released Jorge Vazquez Chaviano, a dissident whose case sparked a hunger strike by 30 protesters last month, though he remains under "many restrictions," he told AFP.
20.09.2012 10:24 People
Dissident Martha Beatriz Roque called it "a victory for the Cuban people ... and democracy" when the communist government bowed to the demands of hunger strikers Tuesday and freed a political prisoner.
12.09.2012 10:21 Unrest
Marta Beatriz Roque, the 67 year-old "Iron Lady" of Cuban dissidents, began a hunger strike Monday to protest conditions that opponents to the Communist regime face on the island.
20.08.2012 13:30 People
US endurance swimmer Diana Nyad pressed on Sunday in her bid to swim from Cuba to Florida after a night of being swarmed and stung by jellyfish as she paddling through choppy seas.
29.07.2012 11:22 Military
Russia is holding talks about opening naval bases in Moscow's Soviet-era allies Cuba and Vietnam as well as the Seychelles.
25.07.2012 14:39 Crime
Cuban police arrested dozens of dissidents Tuesday at the funeral of political activist Oswaldo Paya, after his daughter's vow to seek justice over his sudden death in a road accident.
13.07.2012 13:27 Politics
Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Wednesday clashed with President Barack Obama over how serious a security threat Iranian ally Venezuela poses to the US.
06.07.2012 11:20 Politics
Cuban President Raul Castro begins talks with China's leaders on Thursday during which he is expected to win backing from his country's longtime ally in helping to implement historic economic reforms.
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