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25.02.2014 17:49 Markets
Cuban cigar sales were up eight percent in 2013, reaching $447 million, with strongest market gains in China.
10.02.2014 18:15 Sport
The Alpha Wolves beat the Warriors with 3:2.
10.02.2014 13:51 Sport
WBA Light middleweight Cuban Eryslandy Lara (19-1-2, 12 KO) has challenged Gennady “GGG” Golovkin.
29.01.2014 10:38 Politics
Cuban President Raul Castro Tuesday railed against US spying as he opened a summit of Latin American and Caribbean leaders set up by Venezuela's late anti-US leader Hugo Chavez.
29.01.2014 10:16 Industry, Infrastructure
Cuba officially opened its new Mariel "megaport" on Monday, hoping the project will put it on the map as a regional shipping hub despite scant foreign investment and the US economic embargo.
27.01.2014 10:27 Politics
Cuban leader Fidel Castro lunched with Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner on Sunday on the sidelines of a summit of regional leaders.
24.01.2014 16:59 Sport
The Astana Arlans captain Samat Bashenov has been named The Best Asian WSB Boxer of 2013.
13.01.2014 16:41 Sport
The Astana Arlans boxers Askhat Ualikhanov, Sergei Derevyanchenko and Filip Hrgovic have topped the WSB individual ranking.
12.01.2014 21:55 Sport
The Astana Arlans got back on track and won over Poland Hussars 4:1 in their first fight of the year in Poland.
16.12.2013 11:45 Sport
The Astana Arlan’s Head Coach Korchynsky’s prediction of 3:2 was right, though not in favor of his Wolves. The Alpha Wolves lost to Cuban Domadores for the first time this season.
12.12.2013 09:50 Politics
Republicans were left steaming Tuesday after President Barack Obama shook the hand of Cuban leader Raul Castro, with one senior lawmaker likening the act to appeasement of the Nazis.
10.12.2013 18:01 Sport
On December 13 the Champions of the 3rd WSB Season Astana Arlans are fighting the ferocious Cuba Domadores.
09.12.2013 18:45 Sport
The Astana Arlans won over the Mexico Guerreros, leaving the Warriors no chance to redeem themselves after the unfortunate start of the season.
07.12.2013 11:28 Markets
Negotiations on a global trade deal teetered on the brink of collapse Saturday as Latin American countries objected to the removal of a reference to the US embargo on Cuba, the WTO said.
15.11.2013 14:11 Environment
A scientific study out Thursday identifies 78 sites worldwide in dire need of environmental protection because they harbor species that could go extinct.
15.10.2013 11:45 People
Oscar Hijuelos, the Cuban-American author best known for his Pulitzer-prize winning novel "The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love," died in New York age 62.
27.09.2013 17:05 Crime
The Panama Canal Authority announced Thursday that it slapped a $1 million fine on a North Korean cargo ship caught with an undeclared shipment of Cuban weapons in July.
01.08.2013 17:48 Health
Seven people died and 41 were hospitalized in Havana after drinking illegally sold lab alcohol.
25.07.2013 13:22 Cinema, Music
Six members of a Cuban heavy metal group requested political asylum after touching down in the United States.
19.07.2013 13:57 Military
UN sanctions experts will go to Panama soon to investigate a North Korean ship that was intercepted carrying weapons.
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