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20.02.2014 13:48 Religion
An illegal religious organization of the Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists was discovered by Kazakhstan authorities in Aktobe.
19.02.2014 16:36 Religion
Pastor of the Grace Church Bakhytzhan Kashkumbayev has been given a suspended 4-year sentence in Kazakhstan.
12.02.2014 17:52 Unrest
"Ethnic cleansing" is being carried out against Muslim civilians in the Central African Republic, with international peacekeepers unable to prevent it.
05.02.2014 18:04 Religion
The Agency for Religious Affairs of Kazakhstan remains a neutral observer in the Grace church case.
31.01.2014 13:32 Religion
A trove of ancient documents unearthed at the Vatican could shed light on the brutal crackdown on Christianity in isolationist Japan under its samurai rulers.
23.01.2014 18:44 Religion
Grace church pastor Bakhytzhan Kashkumbayev charged by Kazakhstan authorities with extremism has had his first hearing in Astana.
21.01.2014 09:43 Entertainment, Style
The sun has not yet come up, but hundreds of people -- cloaked in white shrouds and chanting biblical hymns -- are already gathered at the holy baths in northern Ethiopia to celebrate Timkat.
18.01.2014 14:20 Religion
Lifeguards have shared tips and warnings about ice swimming.
05.01.2014 18:00 Books
A decades-old library owned by a Greek Orthodox priest in north Lebanon's majority Sunni city of Tripoli was torched late Friday, a day after a sectarian scuffle, a security source said.
30.12.2013 14:21 Laws, Initiatives
Tens of thousands of Roman Catholics joined in an open-air mass in central Madrid on Sunday to celebrate the Holy Family, just days after the Spanish government agreed to tighten the abortion law.
27.12.2013 16:06 Unrest
The Red Cross said Thursday it had recovered some 40 bodies on the streets of Bangui as the United States expressed alarm at the latest eruption of fighting in the Central African Republic.
26.12.2013 10:11 Religion
Thousands of Christians are killed every year because of their faith and the persecution is becoming more widespread.
25.12.2013 14:07 Religion
Pope Francis held his first Christmas Eve mass in the Vatican on Tuesday by highlighting the role played by humble shepherds in the Nativity, as thousands flocked to the historic site of Jesus's birth in Bethlehem.
23.12.2013 15:00 Unrest
For Christians in Pakistan's troubled, violent northwestern city Peshawar, Christmas this year will be dominated by absent faces.
20.12.2013 11:40 Unrest
French President Francois Hollande said he expected Poland to announce Friday that it would provide military backing for France's troops in the Central African Republic.
19.12.2013 14:08 Unrest
The Central African Republic's mostly Muslim ex-rebels killed nearly 1,000 people in the capital Bangui two weeks ago in a rampage avenging deadly Christian militia attacks, Amnesty International said in a report Thursday.
16.12.2013 18:24 Education
Member of the Majilis Talgat Yergaliev proposed engaging members of the Muslim clergy in teaching Religious Studies at schools.
24.10.2013 13:38 People
Britain's baby Prince George was christened in a private ceremony on Wednesday, with his proud parents Prince William and Catherine giving the world a rare glimpse of the chubby three-month-old boy.
21.10.2013 15:00 People
Britain's Prince George, the son of Prince William and his wife Catherine, is to be christened on Wednesday in a private family ceremony.
10.10.2013 14:04 Religion
Bakhytzhan Kashkumbayev, pastor of Grace protestant church in Astana, has been released from jail and transferred under home arrest.
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