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29.05.2015 12:43 Entertainment, Style
Russian traveler Arseniy Oldenburgskiy has explored Astana from various interesting angles.
29.05.2015 11:28 Companies
President Nazarbayev gave a task to raise standards of Air Astana Kazakhstan's airline company, to international leadership.
27.05.2015 03:04 Politics
The government of Kazakhstan has approved a draft agreement with the IAEA to establish a low-enriched uranium bank in the country.
27.05.2015 01:37 Politics
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan has announced that 42 countries are visa free for the citizens of Kazakhstan in 2015.
26.05.2015 22:14 Entertainment, Style
A new delphinarium has opened in Almaty.
26.05.2015 15:22 Entertainment, Style
Online voting for the most beautiful servicewomen in Kazakhstan has come to an end. It's time to sum up the results.
26.05.2015 14:25 Environment
The number of endangered rare saiga antelopes found dead in Kazakhstan over the past two weeks has reached 90,000.
25.05.2015 21:47 Industry, Infrastructure
The opening of a new gondola cableway to Almaty's Koktobe has been postponed.
25.05.2015 21:40 Finance
Kazakhstan has increased its quota in the authorized capital of the International Monetary Fund.
25.05.2015 21:03 Politics
Kyrgyzstan joined the Eurasian Economic Union on May 8 in spite of the fears that the accession could be delayed until the end of May because of fundamental differences between Kyrgyzstan's national interests and EEU regulations
25.05.2015 10:38 Crime
A Kazakh man has been handed out a three-month sentence for molestation of a policewoman in Dubai.
18.05.2015 18:07 Emergencies
Will Berezovka villagers finally be relocated to a safer place?
14.05.2015 13:13 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan has introduced restrictions on parcels, setting weight and cost limits for customs control.
14.05.2015 10:16 Crime
American activist Michael Mohammed seeks contacts with the Kazakh government in order to "bring to justice" the police officer who killed a Kazakhstani citizen four years ago and a black man last month.
14.05.2015 06:32 Crime
Four years ago an unarmed man from Kazakhstan was shot dead with 11 bullets by Stephen Rankin. Now, a black man is shot dead on Walmart parking lot. By the same police officer.
14.05.2015 02:06 Companies
Chief Human Resources Officer at Sovereign Wealth Fund of Kazakhstan Samruk Kazyna says that the fund may reduce the number of its foreign experts in the near future.
13.05.2015 02:25 Science, Technologies
Students in Kazakhstan are developing an education system based on virtual reality.
13.05.2015 01:40 Disasters
A lot of efforts were made to preserve Astana from flooding. Technology were one way to do that as daily photographs of areas around the Kazakh capital were made to control the situation.
11.05.2015 04:51 Politics
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev criticized attempts of certain politicians and countries to rewrite the history of the World War II and emphasized the necessity to preserve the truth about those years.
11.05.2015 01:20 Politics
Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, has met with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the leaders of Azerbaijan, Cuba, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Serbia, South Africa, Venezuela during his official two-day visit to Moscow, Russia.
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