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27.07.2015 16:05 Entertainment, Style
Kazakh cinema is on the high wave but not everyone in the country is happy.
22.07.2015 18:45 Laws, Initiatives
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan reports that foreigners are now committing more administrative offences.
21.07.2015 19:03 Industry, Infrastructure
Deputy Akim of Kazakhstan's Mangistau Oblast declared that the fourth oil refinery in Kazakhstan would be built in cooperation with Iran.
21.07.2015 18:20 Crime
Reports circulating in the Kyrgyz media allege that the terrorists destroyed in Bishkek on July 16 were Kazakhstani citizens.
16.07.2015 21:24 Finance
Experts comment on the latest expansion of the tenge to dollar exchange rate pegged corridor in Kazakhstan.
15.07.2015 16:29 Companies
Deputy chairman of Astana EXPO-2017 Deputy chairman of Astana EXPO-2017 Vera Kobalia leaves has voluntarily resigns from her position after working for a little over a month.
10.07.2015 23:52 Cinema, Music
A string quartet from Kazakhstan has been awarded a prize in a contest in Italy.
10.07.2015 23:14 Politics
Amnestied Ukrainian lawyer Yelena Tishchenko has been appointed to lead the newly established department for return of criminally obtained assets in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
09.07.2015 15:13 Companies
A new low-cost airline Qazaq Air has been presented in Kazakhstan's Astana.
08.07.2015 19:36 Military
Special Forces of Kazakhstan show high-quality of training during international competition for elite special forces.
08.07.2015 16:29 Strange News
Why were two men walking young white lions in broad daylight in Kazakhstan's Ust-Kamenogorsk?
08.07.2015 16:06 Laws, Initiatives
A Syrian national was fined for throwing a cigarette butt in Astana.
07.07.2015 22:41 Environment
Causes of the recent massive die-out of rare saiga antelopes in Kazakhstan is studied by South African specialists.
07.07.2015 20:26 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan launches its first transport and logistics center compliant with best international standards in Astana.
07.07.2015 19:31 Disasters
Residents of Kostanay Oblast in northeastern Kazakhstan make photos of chicken-sized hail balls.
07.07.2015 18:43 Emergencies
A powerful hurricane in Ekibazstuz has torn off a roof of a five-storey building and knocked down dozens of trees.
07.07.2015 18:03 Politics
Nursultan Nazarbayev says Eurasian integration is the way of progress and success.
03.07.2015 16:01 Internet
The average speed of mobile Internet in Kazakhstan has increased to 10.47 megabit per second.
25.06.2015 22:15 Cinema, Music
A schoolgirl from Ust-Kamenogorsk city in eastern Kazakhstan has clinched the first place at the III International Contest of Young Singers Golden Note held in Moscow.
16.06.2015 13:40 Politics
Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) approve agreement on the establishment of LEU Bank in Kazakhstan.
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