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02.05.2015 01:51 Entertainment, Style
1 May in Kazakhstan's capital is celebrated with more than 200 events and finishes with grand fireworks in five spots of the city.
01.05.2015 03:19 Emergencies
A bridge under construction collapses in Almaty, kills one and injures 20 others, bringing safety at Kazakhstan's construction sites and industries into spotlight.
30.04.2015 17:12 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said that challenges were awaiting the country and it had to choose between reforms and degradation.
30.04.2015 17:07 Disasters
People have been evacuated from seven villages in East Kazakhstan Oblast as water flooded and damaged hundreds of houses.
30.04.2015 05:09 Politics
President of Kazakhstan appoints Karim Massimov Prime Minister.
30.04.2015 01:49 Politics
The Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan has set a date for inauguration of the country's President to April 29.
30.04.2015 00:17 Politics
The newly elected president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev spoke about the time when Kazakhstan just gained independence and what the elections mean to him.
29.04.2015 22:13 Politics
Nursultan Nazarbayev said that the world community has something to learn from Kazakhstan. Namely, its peacefulness and unity of people of various religions and nationalities.
29.04.2015 22:00 Politics
Foreign leaders have congratulated the Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev on his victory in the presidential elections.
29.04.2015 00:13 Health
Chief Kazakh Sanitary Doctor and Vice-Minister of Health and Social Development declare preliminary causes of the negative reactions to the measles vaccination conducted in February.
28.04.2015 23:26 Emergencies
As waters subside in Kazakhstan's Karaganda Oblast, villagers start returning to their homes. Damages from the natural disaster remain to be assessed.
28.04.2015 14:00 Politics
Political analysts explain high voter turnout in the presidential election in Kazakhstan and predict future developments in the Central Asian country.
28.04.2015 13:41 Politics
The US Consulate General in Kazakhstan brushed aside rumors that the cargo delivered from Abu Dhabi to US Embassy in Bishkek was carrying weapons and cash to organize revolutions in Central Asia.
28.04.2015 00:37 Health
A strange incident involving a man who froze in a shopping mall has occured in Kazakhstan.
28.04.2015 00:32 Disasters
Water continues to rise in the Nura River, placing emergency services on high alert in the capital of Kazakhstan Astana.
28.04.2015 00:24 Finance
Kazakhstan MP asks the National Bank why 90 billion tenge ($484 million) were written off from pension accounts.
27.04.2015 20:29 Politics
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan has confirmed that Syrian opposition representatives appealed asking Nursultan Nazarbayev to provide a platform for dialogue on the Syrian conflict. According to the Ministry, Kazakhstan's involvement is quite possible.
27.04.2015 20:18 Disasters
Villagers from flood-hit areas in Kazakhstan ask for help and to assess damages to their homes. Emergency services are still working to counter the consequences of flooding and prevent additional ruin.
27.04.2015 19:48 Politics
International observers from the CIS have shared their impressions about the presidential election in Kazakhstan.
27.04.2015 19:28 Politics
During the ceremony of announcing the results of the exit polls, President Nursultan Nazarbayev promised to work with renewed vigor in moving Kazakhstan to join the 30 most developed.
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