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20.03.2013 11:31 Politics
Barack Obama was on his way to Israel Wednesday for the first time as US president, hoping to ease past tensions with his hosts and under pressure to narrow differences over handling Iran's nuclear threat.
17.03.2013 10:51 Environment
US President Barack Obama defended green energy research spending Friday, two weeks after budget cuts kicked in, warning that those reductions would leave America trailing its global rivals.
16.03.2013 13:17 Politics
US President Barack Obama said Thursday his forthcoming trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories was to "listen" to both sides and hear their views on how to move forward after over two years without peace talks.
13.03.2013 18:16 Finance
President Barack Obama warned Tuesday America will not balance its budget within a decade because Republican plans to do so would entail slashing social programs many citizens rely on for support.
12.03.2013 18:22 Politics
The Congressional Black Caucus complained to President Barack Obama on Monday about his lack of diversity, highlighting his failure to nominate any African-Americans to his second-term cabinet.
12.03.2013 16:19 Politics
US President Barack Obama met members of the Arab-American community at the White House on Monday ahead of his trip to Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Jordan.
10.03.2013 12:16 Laws, Initiatives
Three months after Newtown, the prospects for President Barack Obama's ambitious gun control measures have dimmed, as hopes for expanded background checks clash with stubborn political realities.
07.03.2013 17:03 Politics
A Republican senator seeking to block President Barack Obama's nominee to lead the CIA is vowing to speak as long as it takes to do so, citing concern about drone strikes on US soil.
07.03.2013 10:27 Politics
President Barack Obama Tuesday said the United States was interested in a "constructive" future relationship with Venezuela after the death of President Hugo Chavez, a long-time American foe.
02.03.2013 11:55 Finance
An $85 billion dollar austerity time bomb was to detonate against the US economy Friday, as President Barack Obama blamed a Republican refusal to compromise for a failure to avert "dumb" spending cuts.
01.03.2013 15:58 Politics
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has banned settler housing tenders being issued for the West Bank and east Jerusalem when US President Barack Obama visits this month.
28.02.2013 10:00 Politics
US President Barack Obama warned Tuesday that his Egyptian counterpart Mohamed Morsi has a "responsibility to protect" the democratic principles advanced by the 2011 uprising.
27.02.2013 13:21 Unrest
Clashes that flared in the West Bank after a Palestinian died in Israeli custody are unlikely to turn into a third intifada, but each side will use them when US President Barack Obama visits.
26.02.2013 10:01 Politics
Barack Obama may have the upper hand against Republicans in a high-risk new spending showdown, but a drawn-out clash would likely damage the economy and put his presidential legacy on the line.
23.02.2013 11:56 Politics
US President Barack Obama on Friday pledged with Japan's new leader to take a firm line on a defiant North Korea but the two sides also tried to calm rising tensions between Tokyo and China.
22.02.2013 19:00 Politics
President Barack Obama on Thursday said the only thing keeping Republicans together was a desire to shield the rich from higher taxes, in a new jab over an imminent budget confrontation.
21.02.2013 18:42 Politics
Japan's new premier Shinzo Abe will meet US President Barack Obama this week for the first time since taking power, seeking to breathe new life into a key alliance at a time of heightened tensions across Asia.
21.02.2013 10:02 Politics
US President Barack Obama on Tuesday called key Senate Republicans, with whom he is at odds on other many top issues, to discuss the prospects for bipartisan immigration reform.
15.02.2013 17:22 Politics
President Barack Obama said Thursday that Americans needed more than just his word to be assured he was not misusing his powers in waging a secret drone war overseas.
14.02.2013 18:34 Politics
President Barack Obama pledged Wednesday a "steadfast" commitment to defend Japan, including preventing nuclear attacks on its ally in the wake of North Korea's third nuclear test.
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