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30.07.2013 18:50 Politics
President Barack Obama announced Monday he had extended for at least a year the US freeze on financial assets of entities linked to Hezbollah, citing a threat to Lebanon's stability.
26.07.2013 14:59 Politics
US President Barack Obama on Thursday called on Vietnam's leader to improve on human rights but the former enemy nations pledged to work together on trade and tensions with China.
25.07.2013 14:01 Politics
President Barack Obama on Wednesday nominated Caroline Kennedy to become US ambassador to Japan, in the biggest foray into public service for John F. Kennedy's sole surviving child.
24.07.2013 17:36 Politics
US President Barack Obama hits the road this week to drum up support for his economic program as rival Republicans warn of a new showdown over the government's debt ceiling.
24.07.2013 14:48 Politics
President Barack Obama's plan to provide vetted Syrian rebels with weapons and strategic military aid has gained traction in Congress.
23.07.2013 17:22 Politics
President Barack Obama on Monday pledged to unveil "bold" ideas to help America's struggling middle class as part of a fresh offensive to boost the economy.
18.07.2013 17:00 Politics
US President Barack Obama paid warm tribute to South Africa's Nelson Mandela for his 95th birthday on Thursday, which the anti-apartheid icon will spend in hospital recovering from a lung infection.
15.07.2013 12:33 Crime
President Barack Obama appealed to Americans for restraint Sunday amid anger from civil rights activists and public protests against the acquittal of a man who gunned down an unarmed black teenager.
13.07.2013 12:30 Politics
President Barack Obama on Friday signed a bill which backs Taiwan's participation in a UN aviation agency, despite China's opposition to any recognition for the island that hints at statehood.
05.07.2013 10:01 Politics
President Barack Obama spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday to address mounting European concerns about broad US surveillance programs.
04.07.2013 19:07 Politics
President Barack Obama on Wednesday called for a swift return to elected civilian rule in Egypt, saying the United States was "deeply concerned" by the military's toppling of Mohamed Morsi.
02.07.2013 17:47 Politics
Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden on Monday accused US President Barack Obama of "pressuring the leaders" of countries from which he has sought protection.
02.07.2013 10:00 Politics
US President Barack Obama warned Sunday that Africa could only fulfill its rising potential with leaders who serve their people, not tyrants who enrich themselves.
29.06.2013 12:20 Politics
US President Barack Obama arrived in South Africa on Friday to pay homage to his hero Nelson Mandela, who was said to be showing "great improvement" in hospital.
29.06.2013 10:38 Laws, Initiatives
In a vote hailed by US President Barack Obama, the Senate on Thursday passed comprehensive immigration reform that would put 11 million undocumented people on a path to earning citizenship.
28.06.2013 16:41 Politics
US President Barack Obama flies to South Africa Friday hoping to pay homage to the legacy of his critically ill hero Nelson Mandela.
28.06.2013 13:44 Politics
US President Barack Obama insisted Thursday he would not let the fate of fugitive intelligence leaker Edward Snowden ruin ties with Russia and China, but Washington warned Ecuador not to give him asylum.
26.06.2013 19:22 Politics
US President Barack Obama on Tuesday laid out a broad new plan to fight climate change, using executive powers to get around "flat earth" science deniers who have blocked action in Congress.
25.06.2013 16:54 Unrest
President Barack Obama spoke to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday about the importance of free expression, following days of violence in anti-government demonstrations.
24.06.2013 14:39 Politics
Barack Obama will visit Africa living a paradox: its blood runs in his veins, yet he has given the continent only passing notice as US president.
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