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08.05.2013 14:00 Emergencies
The death toll from the collapse of a garment factory complex in Bangladesh passed 750 on Wednesday after a dozen more bodies were found in the rubble overnight, a fortnight after the disaster.
06.05.2013 18:44 Unrest
At least 28 people have died in street battles between Bangladeshi police and tens of thousands of Islamists.
06.05.2013 15:59 Emergencies
The death toll from Bangladesh's worst industrial disaster surpassed 650 Monday after dozens of bodies were pulled from the wreckage of a nine-storey building housing garment factories.
04.05.2013 10:51 Emergencies
The death toll from last week's collapse of a garment factory complex in Bangladesh passed 500 Friday as the country's prime minister said Western retailers had to share some of the blame for the tragedy.
29.04.2013 18:33 Emergencies
Cranes began clearing the wreckage of a ruined garment factory complex in Bangladesh on Monday after the "last survivor" of the country's deadliest industrial disaster was killed by a fire.
27.04.2013 12:57 Emergencies
Bangladeshi police said Saturday they had arrested two owners of garment factories based at the eight-storey building that collapsed outside the capital as the death toll rose to at least 324.
26.04.2013 14:54 Emergencies
Bangladeshi rescuers pulled dozens more people alive from a razed garment factory building Friday as the US pressed for a crackdown on deadly negligence of safety norms in the clothing industry.
25.04.2013 12:42 Disasters
Rescuers in Bangladesh Thursday hunted for survivors in a collapsed building as the death toll rose to 152 and criticism mounted of foreign firms that source cheap clothes from the country.
24.04.2013 13:29 Emergencies
At least three people were killed and many more are feared dead after an eight-storey building housing a market collapsed Wednesday on the outskirts of Dhaka.
27.03.2013 11:12 Environment
Bangladesh is to launch a census of tigers next month living in the world's largest mangrove forest in a bid to determine the full extent of the threat to their survival.
10.02.2013 11:58 Emergencies
- Rescue divers on Saturday pulled out 12 more bodies from a ferry that sank near the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka with around 100 people aboard, raising the death toll from the latest boat disaster to 14.
27.12.2012 11:24 Health
Bangladesh's livestock authorities are slaughtering around 150,000 chickens at a giant poultry farm near Dhaka after the worst outbreak of avian flu in five years.
12.12.2012 12:33 Unrest
Hundreds of protesters in Bangladesh threw petrol bombs at police on Tuesday as opposition parties enforced a nationwide strike demanding elections under a neutral caretaker government.
29.11.2012 12:57 Crime
Thousands of workers protested for a third day Wednesday after Bangladesh's worst garment factory fire as police arrested three managers over claims they stopped employees from leaving the burning plant.
28.11.2012 17:48 Emergencies
Bangladesh police said Tuesday they had launched a manhunt for a fugitive factory boss after 110 garment workers burned to death following claims by survivors that they were ordered not to flee the inferno.
01.11.2012 12:18 People
Mosammat Shahanara, 22, is a rare breed in Bangladesh: a qualified professional female driver, and she is ready to hit the road in a new career that should bring her independence and an income.
11.09.2012 11:11 Cinema, Music
A Hong Kong action-thriller and a rural drama from Bangladesh will open and close Asia's top film festival next month, as its South Korean hosts look to share more of the spotlight with regional offerings.
04.09.2012 10:44 Environment
Bangladesh said that nine forest officials had been suspended for "gross negligence" after three tiger cubs were found in a house in Dhaka.
16.08.2012 11:11 Finance
Asian countries dominate a league table of economies most at risk from earthquakes, floods, storms and other natural hazards, according to research published on Wednesday.
01.07.2012 13:39 People
Unlike her Muslim compatriots, Tarulata Rani is unable to inherit anything from her family, cannot divorce and cannot claim maintenance from her absent husband -- all because she is a Bangladeshi Hindu.
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