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29.10.2014 12:20 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan's capital Astana has entered the Smart21 Communities list.
28.10.2014 23:05 Politics
Nazarbayev has spoken about a program of large-scale infrastructure development in Kazakhstan and the government actions to counter possible negative circumstances in the global economy.
28.10.2014 22:33 Politics
President of Kazakhstan has named social stability and equality the basic principles of development.
28.10.2014 19:49 Politics
The cost of tickets to EXPO-2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan will start at 28 euro.
28.10.2014 13:42 Industry, Infrastructure
A $70 million solar power plant will be built in Astana for the upcoming EXPO-2017.
24.10.2014 13:21 Markets
A Latvian official has been surprised at the high prices in Astana.
24.10.2014 11:42 Entertainment, Style
25-year-old Astana beauty Anna Levitskaya has entered the Top 5 of the Photomodel of the Universe-2014 beauty pageant held in Bodrum, Turkey.
23.10.2014 15:54 Politics
High-profile transfer of Imangali Tasmagambetov from his job as Mayor of Astana to the Defense Ministry has made people wonder. Experts have shared their opinions with respect to geopolitical changes around Kazakhstan, internal dynamics within the Kazakh elite and personalities of the newly appointed officials.
22.10.2014 18:44 Cinema, Music
Giuseppe Verdi’s timeless masterpiece La traviata will open in the Astana Opera today and will be live streamed on Tengrinews TV.
22.10.2014 16:09 Politics
Adilbek Dzhaksybekov has been appointed Mayor of Kazakhstan’s capital Astana. He replaced Imangali Tasmagambetov as the capital’s Mayor.
14.10.2014 21:04 Industry, Infrastructure
Famous British architect Norman Foster has designed bus stops for two cities in Kazakhstan - Astana and Almaty.
14.10.2014 20:59 Sport
Kazakhstan’s national judo team has won seven medals at the Judo Grand Prix held in Astana on October 10-12.
14.10.2014 19:43 Industry, Infrastructure
KazGor Project Academy’s work has been chosen as the best design for the National Pantheon in Astana.
14.10.2014 19:15 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstani scientists have developed a battery with a capacity times higher than in those currently available.
02.10.2014 14:02 Finance
EXPO-2017 that will take place in Astana from June 10 to September 10, 2017 is expected to bring more than 280 million euro in profit to Kazakhstan.
29.09.2014 20:39 Industry, Infrastructure
An entrepreneur from Akmola Oblast Adil Galimov has bred large sturgeons in artificial ponds from Astana.
29.09.2014 18:18 Sport
12-year-old Duman Amangeldy from Karaganda has won the national alaman baiga tournament Altyn Tulpar (Gold Horse).
29.09.2014 13:38 Cinema, Music
Giacomo Puccini’s classic La boheme will be presented on the Astana Opera stage on September 29.
27.09.2014 20:06 Sport
Spanish tennis professional, World No.2 Rafael Nadal has presented his tennis racket to Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev during his visit to Astana.
27.09.2014 02:41 Art, Books
An Israeli artist based in London Zadok Ben-David has introduced his unique exhibition The Other Side of Midnight at the National Museum in Astana.
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