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26.11.2013 13:39 Companies
Argentina, Spain and Mexico have agreed to negotiate a deal on Buenos Aires' 2012 nationalization of Repsol's stake in YPF, the Economy Ministry said Monday.
16.11.2013 16:32 Cinema, Music
Justin Bieber's concert gear has been seized in Argentina in a legal scuffle with a photographer, the latest in a series of incidents trailing the Canadian teen idol's South American tour.
05.11.2013 16:18 Environment
Hundreds of millions of people worldwide risk exposure to toxic pollution, environmental groups warned Monday, publishing a list of the world's worst areas, including an African processing site for European electronics.
28.10.2013 16:52 Politics
Voting got under way in Argentina Sunday in midterm elections that observers said could mark the beginning of President Cristina Kirchner's political unraveling.
19.10.2013 15:29 Industry, Infrastructure
Argentina's biodiesel industry warned Friday it faces collapse if Europe makes good on a threat to impose stiff duties on their product next month.
09.10.2013 17:01 Politics
Argentine President Cristina Kirchner was recovering in hospital on Tuesday after successful surgery to remove a blood clot on her brain.
08.10.2013 19:09 Politics
Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner was to undergo surgery Tuesday to drain a brain hematoma, officials said, leaving her party in uncertainty in the run-up to this month's congressional elections.
28.09.2013 16:00 Politics
Spain on Friday denied Argentina's claims that the two countries had clinched an agreement to get Britain to negotiate the future of the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar.
24.09.2013 16:43 Crime
A well-known Argentine priest began a 15-year prison sentence for pedophilia Monday, four years after he was convicted.
04.09.2013 10:26 Crime
Argentina's ex-president Carlos Menem was back in court for a new trial Monday, this time for allegedly falsifying his personal tax returns.
12.08.2013 17:47 Military
Brazil's 1964-1985 military dictatorship spied on its Latin American neighbors and feared a conflict with Argentina, a Sao Paulo daily reported Sunday, citing declassified armed forces documents.
10.08.2013 11:13 Emergencies
Argentine rescue workers recovered the body of a man from the ruins of an explosion-shattered apartment building late Friday, raising the confirmed death toll in the disaster to 14.
07.08.2013 12:56 Emergencies
A powerful blast from a gas leak ripped through a ten-story apartment building in Argentina's third largest city Tuesday, leaving at least eight dead and 61 injured.
06.08.2013 14:01 Politics
Latin American bloc Mercosur reiterated Monday to the United Nations its indignation over US espionage practices revealed by Edward Snowden.
03.08.2013 11:45 Politics
The ruling party of Argentine President Cristina Kirchner is under fire over a poster that appeared just ahead of legislative elections, showing her and a candidate smiling alongside Pope Francis.
25.07.2013 14:33 Religion
Pope Francis warned Latin America against legalizing drugs on Wednesday, delving into a hot topic in his home region after celebrating the first public mass of his landmark visit to Brazil.
14.06.2013 17:08 Crime
Argentine ex-president Carlos Menem was sentenced to seven years in prison Thursday for organizing contraband arms shipments to Croatia and Ecuador during his tenure.
26.05.2013 19:20 Politics
The "Era K," as the decade-old rule of Cristina Kirchner and her late husband Nestor is known in Argentina, is showing its age.
23.05.2013 18:45 Politics
Sometimes you can't go home: hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets Wednesday to protest against the possible burial of the late former dictator Jorge Videla in his home town.
27.04.2013 10:06 Politics
Maxima, the Argentine-born future queen of the Netherlands, has worked hard to win over Dutch hearts and is immensely popular despite her father's murky role in his country's military junta.
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