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20.01.2014 15:08 Sport
Kazakhstan’s Astana Motorsports racers have successfully completed the tenth stage of the Dakar 2014.
17.01.2014 13:06 Sport
Kazakhstan racers completed the ninth stage of Dakar rally with stable results.
16.01.2014 01:51 Sport
Kazakhstan crews have successfully completed the eighth stage of Dakar.
14.01.2014 20:00 Sport
The Kazakhstan team of Astana Motorsports, containing two off-road crews and one truck, successfully completed the 7th stage at Dakar.
14.01.2014 12:06 Sport
Kazakhstan’s off-road car crew of Rakhimbayev and Demyanenko are approaching the Dakar's Top 10.
11.01.2014 12:37 Sport
An experienced Belgian motorbike rider has died competing in this year's Dakar Rally, organisers announced on Friday.
10.01.2014 19:09 Sport
Kazakhstan's truck crew of Arthur Ardavichus, Alexey Nikizhev and Radim Kaplanek finished the 5th stage of Dakar rally in the 4th place.
10.01.2014 17:12 Sport
Kazakhstan's crew of Rakhimbayev and Demyanenko is in the overall Top 20 after the fifth stage of Dakar, the most extreme rally.
10.01.2014 14:53 Sport
The car crew of Rakhimbayev and Demyanenko finished the 4th stage of Dakar in the 10th place and got the 14th place overall.
10.01.2014 12:42 Emergencies
Two members of an Argentine news team covering the Dakar Rally died Thursday when the car they were driving in fell into a ravine, the Super Rally magazine said.
09.01.2014 12:47 Sport
Kazakhstan's Astana Motorsport Team is steadily advancing in the overall ranking of Dakar 2014.
08.01.2014 14:26 Sport
Kazakhstan's Proto Overdrive has burnt to aches at the second stage of Dakar 2014 marathon rally.
06.01.2014 16:01 Sport
Four Astana Motorsports crews from Astana Presidential Sports Club have started the Dakar Rally 2014, the annual off-road race.
05.01.2014 19:45 Religion
Israeli officials Friday denied claims by a former envoy that Israel had killed most of those behind bombings at its embassy and Jewish charity offices in Argentina in the 1990s, media said.
30.12.2013 10:32 Laws, Initiatives
A court in Argentina ruled Friday that a 14-year old rape victim could have an abortion, overturning a judge's earlier decision barring the girl from seeking the procedure.
20.12.2013 10:43 Science, Technologies
Chinese workers are on their way to build the country's fourth Antarctic research base and a fifth is being planned, state-run media said Thursday as the country expands its imprint on the icy continent.
16.12.2013 16:44 Sport
A caravan of Astana Dakar team vehicles has been shipped off from the port of Havre, France, to South America after a technical check.
11.12.2013 12:05 Laws, Initiatives
Uruguay's Senate has approved ground-breaking legislation legalizing marijuana, becoming the first nation in the world to oversee the production and sale of the drug.
07.12.2013 20:20 Finance
The US government has urged the Supreme Court to intervene in Argentina's fight over paying up on its defaulted debt, saying a lower court ruling against the country was wrong.
29.11.2013 17:04 Religion
Argentina moved a step closer Thursday to issuing commemorative coins to honor its native son after its lower chamber of Congress backed the move, Pope Francis.
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