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31.08.2014 01:43 Entertainment, Style
For the fifth year artists, musicians and actors from Kazakhstan and abroad transform Almaty into a magical and mysterious realm of art and wonder.
31.08.2014 01:05 Disasters
Finally, the damages from the mudslide on Talgar river have been announced.
28.08.2014 20:18 Environment
A Kazakh scientist claims there is evidence that suggests that mudflow threat to Almaty city is high.
28.08.2014 13:04 Strange News
A recently opened restaurant in Almaty has caused quite a controversy: not because of its cuisine, but because of its parking.
25.08.2014 16:55 Strange News
The recent Kazakhstani ad showing a Kazakh composer and a Russian poet kissing has generated an outpouring of discontent in Kazakhstan.
24.08.2014 16:12 Cinema, Music
The 5th Orchestra Parade will be held from September 9 to 11 at the summer amphitheater of the Central Park of Culture and Recreation in Almaty.
24.08.2014 15:54 Fun Stuff
Ice Bucket Challenge continues with the captain of the Almaty Football Club Kairat Samat Smakov.
23.08.2014 14:09 Entertainment, Style
Almaty will treat its residents and guests with a grand fireworks show at the Republic Square at 9-11 p.m. on September 21.
22.08.2014 22:43 Entertainment, Style
600 people took part in World Class bike race held on August 16 in Almaty.
22.08.2014 14:32 Entertainment, Style
Almaty's Central Park to bring memories of the past decades with thematic zones and music.
19.08.2014 18:54 Cinema, Music
Eurovision-2012 winner Loreen from Sweden is going to headline the 3rd Eurasian Music Awards (EMA 2014) in Almaty.
18.08.2014 20:07 Industry, Infrastructure
At this point toll roads in Almaty will be unprofitable, Deputy Akim of Almaty said.
18.08.2014 19:46 Entertainment, Style
As September, the month of festivities is approaching, Almaty is preparing for a month long celebration of the City Day.
18.08.2014 19:12 Science, Technologies
Kazakh scientist Murat Gilmanov has invented an antibiotics-based ointment that has almost no side effects and has excellent skin penetration.
16.08.2014 13:26 Disasters
Almaty is located near relatively young mountains in a seismologically active zone, but earthquakes of such magnitude are extremally rare.
15.08.2014 21:59 Environment
A Japanese macaque gave birth in the Almaty Zoo
15.08.2014 21:48 Sport
Russian cycling team Katyusha will participate in the one day international road cycling competition Tour of Almaty-2014.
15.08.2014 16:36 Sport
Almaty roads will closed for World Class Almaty bicycle race tomorrow.
14.08.2014 19:00 Emergencies
A 20-meter fountain is splashing in the middle of a roadway in Almaty.
13.08.2014 10:57 Education
Bird houses for bookcrossing have been installed in parks of Almaty, a large southern city of Kazakhstan.