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03.11.2012 12:12 Health
Asia accounts for 88 percent of all malaria cases and most of the 46,000 annual deaths occurring outside Africa, a new report shows Friday as experts demand more urgency in fighting the deadly disease..
29.10.2012 14:37 People
Israel has turned back dozens of African asylum-seekers, mostly Eritreans, trying enter the country from Egypt, Human Rights Watch and two other NGOs said on Sunday.
18.10.2012 12:41 Sport
Kazakhstan's Astana rally raid team is going to participate in two continental races at the same time.
05.10.2012 16:43 Health
A huge vaccination campaign to protect 50 million people against meningitis has been launched in seven African countries.
13.09.2012 17:54 Health
The global mortality rate for young children has been nearly halved in the past two decades, but Africa and South Asia have not kept pace.
03.09.2012 14:58 People
A group of 68 illegal immigrants, including three minors, arrived Sunday at a tiny, uninhabited Spanish island located very close to Morocco.
24.07.2012 11:43 Environment
China, Vietnam and Thailand are among the worst offenders in fuelling a global black market that is seeing record numbers of elephants and rhinos killed in Africa.
19.07.2012 14:23 Finance
President Hu Jintao said Thursday China would offer $20 billion in new loans to Africa, as he delivered a speech to a Beijing forum on co-operation with the resource-rich continent.
24.10.2011 10:53 Science, Technologies
The institute released the project of sweet potato in Uganda and Mozambique. And now IFPRI is focused on Zambia and Southern Asian countries.
23.10.2011 11:39 Science, Technologies
It was developed by the University of California and the International Rice Research Center in the Philippines. Other crops are under research.
19.10.2011 13:32 Politics
Kazakhstan managed to raise over $350 million for food, humanitarian and economic aid to African countries suffering from famine: Kazakh Parliament Speaker.
17.10.2011 10:36 Politics
Secretary Clinton made a statement on World Food Day. Food security is a foreign policy priority for the United States.
15.10.2011 11:57 People
About 1000 people gathered for the ceremony, which was held in Iowa State Capitol.
09.08.2011 13:00 Politics
Final declaration of Istanbul meeting called OIC member-states to render financial aid to Somalia and other needy African countries during Ramadan.
04.08.2011 16:02 Politics
The list of 20 most dangerous countries of the world in terms of the possibility of terrorist attacks is led by Somali.
31.05.2011 15:51 Strange News
A Zimbabwean man upstaged 15 others to win the Mr Ugly title at a weekend pageant, a local newspaper reported Monday.
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