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10.01.2014 20:56 Sport
Both Kazakhstan crews encountered a similar problem with their gears at the eight stage.
08.01.2014 14:37 Sport
Kazakhstan racers Kanat Shagirov and Alexandr Moroz are in the 4th place in the general ranking after Stage 7 of the Africa Eco Race 2014.
06.01.2014 16:53 Sport
Kazakhstan's crew of pilot Kanat Shagirov and navigator Alexandr Moroz finished the 5th stage of Africa Eco Race 2014 in the 4th place.
17.12.2013 12:33 Sport
Kazakhstan’s Mobilex Racing Team is ready for Africa Eco Race, a prestigious marathon rally.
19.11.2013 13:00 Politics
Arab and African leaders are to start a two-day summit in Kuwait on Tuesday to review steps to promote economic ties between wealthy Gulf states and investment-thirsty Africa.
07.11.2013 16:38 Politics
Kazakhstan Minister of Foreign Affairs Yerlan Idrisov says that Kazakhstan makes up for being landlocked by diversifying its foreign relations.
05.11.2013 13:47 Unrest
African leaders wrapped up talks in Pretoria saying a peace deal for the Democratic Republic of Congo could be signed if the M23 movement declared an end to its rebellion.
04.11.2013 11:08 Finance
Horn of Africa pirates have raked in up to $413 million in ransom since 2005, with most of it used to finance "global scale" criminal operations.
01.11.2013 16:29 Laws, Initiatives
Kenya's media reacted with shock and outrage Friday after parliament voted through a bill that could see journalists and outlets slapped with huge fines for violating a code of conduct.
24.10.2013 10:43 Companies
South Korea's top tobacco firm said Wednesday it would pull ads for its new "This Africa" brand of cigarettes after complaints the use of images of apes dressed as humans was racist.
18.10.2013 10:00 People
An estimated 30 million people worldwide are living in modern-day slavery.
08.10.2013 16:01 Politics
Former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan said Monday it would be a "badge of shame" for Africa if its leaders voted to leave the International Criminal Court.
02.10.2013 10:55 Politics
The United States hailed "significant advancement" in 10 countries, mostly in Latin America and Asia, in combating the worst forms of child labor.
14.09.2013 17:16 People
Italy's first black minister defended her adopted homeland Friday, insisting it is not racist even though she endured a series of racially-charged threats and taunts since assuming her post.
05.09.2013 10:41 Health
Global health experts have warned against giving iron supplements in areas where malaria is rampant, but a study Tuesday found no rise in cases of the mosquito-borne disease among children who took iron.
12.08.2013 14:44 Environment
The mass extinction of large animals in the Pleistocene era caused today's dearth of soil nutrients, scientists said Sunday, and warned of further damage if modern giants like the elephant disappear.
02.07.2013 10:00 Politics
US President Barack Obama warned Sunday that Africa could only fulfill its rising potential with leaders who serve their people, not tyrants who enrich themselves.
16.06.2013 15:33 Politics
The White House on Friday insisted President Barack Obama's looming trip to Africa was overdue and would give great 'bang for the buck,' pushing back at concerns over the journey's cost.
09.06.2013 16:25 Environment
In a tropical Chinese rainforest, seven savannah-dwelling African rhinos are said to be awaiting release into the wild, raising fears for their welfare in a country with a booming rhino horn trade.
07.06.2013 12:28 Crime
Ilyas Khrapunov, and his wife Madina Khrapunova turned out to be on the diplomatic list of the permanent UN diplomatic mission in Africa.
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