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19.11.2016 13:10 Politics
A summit of top world leaders was urged to fight rising protectionism after Trump's victory stoked fears that free trade is under threat.
12.11.2014 13:52 Politics
Asia-Pacific leaders backed China's roadmap for a vast new free trade area rivalling US plans for the region at a summit in Beijing.
11.11.2014 16:15 Politics
Vladimir Putin is heading into showdown talks with Australia's leader as part of what is expected to be his toughest foreign trip.
11.11.2014 15:40 Politics
The United States welcomed the meeting in Beijing between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as a chance to lower their simmering tensions.
10.11.2014 19:35 Politics
The leaders of China and Japan held an ice-breaking summit Monday after two years of dangerous animosity.
10.11.2014 12:53 Politics
World leaders including Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin converge on Beijing for an Asia-Pacific summit against the backdrop of a US-Russian chil.
05.11.2014 15:08 Politics
Leaders of more than half the world's economy gather in Beijing next week for the annual APEC forum.
22.10.2014 14:46 Politics
The global economic recovery is beset by "downside risks", a day after growth in the world's second-largest economy hit a five-year low.
14.07.2014 14:56 Politics
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday called for talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a regional meeting in Beijing in November, the latest call from Tokyo for a face-to-face meeting amid testy diplomatic relations.
09.10.2013 15:39 Politics
Most Asia-Pacific leaders, themselves blooded in political trench warfare, sympathise with US President Barack Obama's unwillingness to desert his Washington fox-hole.
07.10.2013 18:35 Politics
Asia-Pacific leaders opened an annual economic summit on Monday in the shadow of global growth clouds that are darkening by the day as the United States struggles to shake off policy paralysis.
07.10.2013 11:28 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday the capture of an Al-Qaeda operative in Libya was "appropriate and legal" after officials in Tripoli demanded answers about the "kidnap".
19.04.2013 11:49 Markets
Asia Pacific economies must refrain from competitive currency devaluations and are vulnerable to speculative buying in the housing market.
10.09.2012 10:22 Politics
President Vladimir Putin impressed leaders by holding an Asian summit on an island off a revamped Pacific city but the surface shimmer hid underlying problems in the Russian Far East and the country as a whole.
08.09.2012 11:05 Finance
The United States welcomed Friday a deal to cut tariffs on dozens of "green" products in the Asia-Pacific, saying it would boost the region's economies as well as help protect the environment.
05.09.2012 18:41 Unrest
Asia-Pacific leaders gather in Russia's far east this weekend for talks aimed at promoting trade but territorial disputes and other regional tensions may cloud the event.
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