Push Off signs taken off Astana airport's doors

18 мая 2012, 18:36
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Newell's Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Newell's Facebook page
Administration of Astana airport replaced incorrect English signs on the doors of the passengers’ terminal after a critical comments of a British journalist, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing the airport’s president Kairat Zhaukhanov.

“I am grateful to Mr. Jonathan Newell for his attention to the passengers terminal in Astana airport. We have already taken dealt with it. The signs on the entrance doors have been replaced with the correct ones,” he told Interfax-Kazakhstan on May 15.

In particular, Push off signs have been replaced with proper Push signs. Zhaukhanov noted that an investigation has been launched to identify the source of the “incorrect signs”.

On Tuesday Kazakhstan magazine Vremya reported that British journalist Jonathan Newell noticed the incorrect signs on the terminals doors upon arrival to Astana airport. “The front door of Astana airport’s terminal met him with a big incorrect sign in Shakespeare’s language: Push off,” the magazine wrote.

The foreigner uploaded a picture of the sign on his page in Facebook and left a comment: "Welcome to Astana! Great translation. От себя = Push. Push оff = вали отсюда:=)) I think the airport needs a new translator.”

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