Massimov is asked to prevent Kazakhstan residents from marrying foreigners

01 сентября 2011, 15:03
Karim Massimov. stock photo
Karim Massimov. stock photo
Visitors of the government blog asked Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov to prevent Kazakhstan residents from marrying foreigners, Express K writes.

“Citizens of other countries are doing their best to come to Kazakhstan and get our citizenship. Marriage to a Kazakhstan resident is among the most popular ways. Many girls in Almaty keep this business flowing. There are thousands of Chinese in Almaty who got their citizenship this way,” Arman Turdaliyev wrote in Massimov's blog.

The visitor suggested to adopt the following law: “If Kazakhstan citizen marries to a citizen of another country, then Kazakhstan citizen automatically loses the citizenship, whereas the citizen of another country does not get Kazakhstan citizenship.” According to Turdaliyev, adoption of such law would help stopping “hidden Chinese expansion into Kazakhstan, as well as that of South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Caucasus.”

Kazakhstan Prime-Minister has already sent the visitor's suggestion to Kazakhstan Interior Minister Kalmukhanbet Kassymov for review.

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