Kazakhstan to get its own Hollywood

03 мая 2013, 19:16
Young filmmaker Bakhyt Aupbayev. Personal archive photo
Young filmmaker Bakhyt Aupbayev. Personal archive photo
Kazakhwood, a Kazakh version of Hollywood, that is called to create the country’s brand will start operating in Kazakhstan in the nearest time, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the founder of the production center and filmmaker Bakhyt Aupbayev.

According to Aupbayev, the main goal of the project is to sell Kazakhstan content abroad under Kazakhwood brand. The content will include music products, videos, theater plays, documentaries and movies. Everyone creating content at the territory of Kazakhstan will be able to use the brand. Around one hundred artists and their producers supported the project.

“For example, Spielberg makes a movie and the trailer says that the movie is presented by Universal Pictures or another company. But during the PR campaign they say that this is a Hollywood movie. It is the same here. Let’s say Akan Satayev or Bayan Yessentayeva make a movie, the advertisement campaign will says that this is a Kazakhwood project,” Aupbayev said.

Aupbayev came up with the idea of creating Kazakhwood 15 years ago. After graduating from New York Film Academy, the young filmmaker decided to share his experience in Kazakhstan. In future Kazakhwood is expected to become a full-cycle production company. The organizers are currently working on issuing a Kazakhwood magazine that would provide information about Kazakhstan projects.

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