"Kazakhstan citizen" Sacha Baron Cohen ordered three golden offroaders

27 июня 2011, 14:27
©Dartz Kombat
©Dartz Kombat
©Dartz Kombat
©Dartz Kombat
British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who played a journalist from Kazakhstan Borat Sagdiyev, ordered three golden offroaders, Tengrinews.kz reports.

According to Art Director of Dartz Kombat Leonard Yankelovich, the cars can have any plate numbers, and even Kazakhstan ones. “We are manufacturing three golden cars for him,” Yankelovich said.

The company does not preclude that Borat might re-sell these cars to Kazakhstan citizens. It is also reported that the actor will soon play Iraqi politician Saddam Hussein in a new movie. The shooting will start in August 2011 in Spain.

Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that Kazakhstan citizen Regina Abdurazakova became the owner of the first elite offroader Dartz Prombron L4P Ladies.Only made by Dartz Kombat. Its cost is estimated at $740 thousand. As per Abdurazakova, she chose this car because it provides perfect road safety. Later media later wrote that Abdurazakova told Sacha about Kazakhstan during her studies in London.

By Galima Gabdullina

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