Kazakh village gets it own Big Ben

23 апреля 2012, 15:57
A miniature copy of London’s Big Ben has been constructed in Nagi Ilyasov village in Syrdarya region of Kyzylordinskaya oblast. The height of the tower is only ten meters (the height of the origin tower is 96 meters). Every hour the bells chimes and during nighttime the clock-faces are backlit, similar as on the tower of Westminster Palace, Express-K reports.

Abzal Eraliyev, a businessman, sponsored construction of the big clock in his native village. The Kazakh Big Ben cost him 7.5 million tenge ($ 50 thousand). "We have installed computer-based tower clock of new generation. The clock can stand the heat of more than 60 degrees Centigrade and frosts of more than 55 degrees Centigrade. And we hope that this tower will serve for more than one decade and beautify our native village," the businessman said.

Abzal Eralieyv also gave money for arrangement of flower gardens, fountains and electrification of all twelve streets of the village.

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