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Fisherman caught rockfish in Kapchagay lake near Almaty

06 ноября 2012, 15:44
A rock-fish. Photo courtesy of sevnews.info
A rock-fish. Photo courtesy of sevnews.info
Vassily Sazonov, game fisherman from Almaty oblast, has caught rockfish in Kapchagay lake near Almaty, Express-K reports. It still remains a puzzle how the fish got to the freshwater lake and how it managed to survive in such an unusual habitat.

According to Sazonov, fishermen like to fish for catfish, carp and asp at Kapshagay lake. However, the reservoir’s deep water hides a lot of mysteries. “Once some fishermen told me that a few years ago they caught a mutant, a creature that didn’t look like a fish at all. They delivered it to Almaty Zoo and found out that it was a trilobite. Same as the this case, there was logical explanation of how the creature got into the lake,” the fisherman said. “So the rock-fish came as a little less shocking surprise. I think that the fish was released from someone's private aquarium. And it wanted to survive so badly that it managed to adapt to the environment.”

Rockfish or Black Sea scorpion fish (Scorpaena porcus) is found in the Eastern Atlantic from British Isles to the Azores, in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, sometimes it could be found in the Azov Sea as well. The fish is 40-centimeter long and weighs about 1,5 kilograms. It feeds on small fish and shell fish.

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