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Correctional camp for gilded youth opens near Astana

09 августа 2013, 17:05
Photo courtesy of tdg.ch
Photo courtesy of tdg.ch
A camp for correctional education of Kazakhstan's gilded youth has opened up in some depressed village in Akmola oblast near Astana, Express-K writes.

Wealthy businessmen and ranking officials are send their children to the camp to learn some discipline. One of such troubled teenagers named Alken said: “I smashed a car and broke both of my legs in the end of the school year. I was supposed to go to Denmark to study in an oil-chemical college, but couldn’t go because of the injuries. My dad waited until I recovered and then sent me to this wild place in the middle of nowhere to stay until the end of this summer.”

According to Alken, the camp is a farm in an abandoned village where difficult teenage live in strict discipline. They doing some military training and work in the gardens. Mobile phones and Internet are banned. The teenagers wake up, eat and go to bed on a strict schedule. The teachers and supervisors include strict and strong-minded officers and army veterans who do not care about famous names and stick to their jobs.

There are currently over a dozen teenagers at the camp, Alken said. “Compared to others, my mess-ups are quite small. There was a son of one official who got high and started shooting around with his friends. He father promised him that he would send him to the real army in autumn, to hottest place of it, if he continues misbehaving and any of the camp’s instructors file complaints against him. And his dad can be trusted to fulfill his promises,” the boy said.

Alken could not tell much about the camp’s exact location as he is from Shymkent (a city in the south of Kazakhstan) and does not know the suburbs of Astana very well.

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